24 May 2018

"An award-winning Show The Journey found a new home on Moja love Dstv.

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"An award-winning Show The Journey found a new home on Moja love Dstv.

We caught up with TV personality Enoch F Phiri, whos a motivational speaker, progressive leader, businessman, Pastor of Restoration House, a host of an award-winning show the Journey which has in the past aired on other TV platforms. 

The Journey has now found a new home on Moja Love TV, a channel which was launched on 14th February 2018. Moja Love is a 100 percent black-owned TV station. The channel focuses on the theme of the universal language, which is Love.

Being the fastest growing TV channel, Moja Love has added Enoch Phiri on the hot and contested list of highly acclaimed South African TV personalities. With legends such as Phat Joe, who hosts a show called Highly Inappropriate, A reality show which focuses on beauty makeover, Sofa Slahlane, hosted by a veteran journalist Muzilikalizi Wa Africa. 

The journey hosted by the Johannesburg tele-evangelist has become one of the shows to be aired by Moja Love Channel 157 Dstv. The Journey is a show designed to showcase top South African celebrities which highlights their personal walk with God. Its a story of commitment to one's vision, courage in the midst of fear and obstacles and determination to reach one's goals.
The show informs and inspires ordinary South Africans that despite their current negative situation, they would make it if they remain true to themselves and to their creator.

On The Show, Pastor Phiri speaks to actors, radio and TV personalities, sports personalities, academicians, politicians, and other personalities who have made it to the top against all olds.

Enoch Phiri Said, *" Stories told by high profile personalities Inspire us as a community that if they overcame those obstacles they faced we too can overcome them through Christ who strengthens us."* 

Catch The journey Show every Mondays in the evening at 18:30 pm, every Wednesdays at 19:30 pm and every Thursdays at 17:00 pm on Moja LOVE DStv (Channel 157).