27 July 2021

DMASA commitment to lifelong learning sees launch of POPIA online courses

Submitted by Assegai Awards
DMASA commitment to lifelong learning sees launch of POPIA online courses

The Direct Marketing Association of SA (DMASA) and Weavind Online have collaborated on a new range of short online courses focused on bringing anyone up to speed on the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), no matter their background or qualifications.

South Africa’s oldest direct and integrated marketing (DMI) industry association and the country’s leading alternative legal services and legal tech provider can now offer eStudy eLearning’s short but comprehensive POPIA-focused courses via www.dmasalearning.org. “Membership of the DMASA takes individuals in the IDM industry on a lifelong learning journey. This latest online study innovation is an expression of our commitment to continued skills development in our sector,” says David Dickens, CEO of the DMASA.

Mr Dickens explained that course participants will also benefit from the fact that eStudy online courses are fully accredited and count towards Workplace Skills Plans, annual Training Reports and BEE Scorecards. Interested persons could start with the ‘Fundamentals of POPIA’ online course where the context of the Act comes clearly into view and then drill down into the separate but complementary Legal and Compliance, Finance and Procurement, Marketing, Information Technology and Human Resources courses.

While it has been confirmed that there will be no deadline for the registration of Information Officers and that no responsible party will be held liable for not registering by 01 July 2021, the POPIA enforcement powers as promulgated by the President came into effect as of 01 July 2021.

Since its 2005 founding, DMASA members have also benefited from lobbying activities which have helped influence policy around integrated and direct marketing. To help ensure continued responsible access to consumers, the DMASA enforces its Code of Principled Marketing according to which all members must adhere, while also promoting data protection compliance and professional development through the DMASA e-Learning Academy.

Finally, the well-regarded Assegai Awards and many regular events cap the DMASA’s networking and knowledge-transfer activities on behalf of members.

“The Act has far-reaching consequences for anyone who works with the personal information of others. It is absolutely vital South Africans get up to speed with regards to our world-leading privacy legislation sooner rather than later,” concluded Mr Dickens.