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Regency Global and Old Mutual win GOLD at the Loeries!

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Regency Global and Old Mutual win GOLD at the Loeries!

Regency Global’s Empowering People To Empower Themselves tells an award-winning story about Old Mutual Alternative Investments innovative approach to expanding access to homeownership and growing secure and inclusive communities across South Africa.

The campaign won a Gold award in the Shared Value category, at the Loeries Awards held on August 25th, 2019.The Loeries aim to recognise productions that epitomise improving the African narrative.

Through the story of Jealous Tshwala, who was able to purchase his first home in Karino Estate, one of OMAI’s Housing Impact Fund developments, we come to understand the important role of impact investing in solving some of our key development challenges; and the potential that exists for business to create financial returns alongside social outcomes.

“People care about people. We care about the challenges they have overcome and the success they have achieved. And in doing so we will care about the brands that have helped and enabled them along the way.

This is how brands are built by people and how authentic stories can be used to build a brand that matters,” says panelist Shani Kay at the Loeries 2019 Brand South Africa MasterClass.  #SAINC is a 20-part series airing on local TV channels and across all social media with the objective of changing the narrative in South Africa to highlight and celebrate the country’s successes and achievements.

It’s designed around a campaign of proactiveness in shifting the conversation and cutting out the negative clutter in the traditional media space.  Season 2 of #SAINC launches in January 2020! Follow the link to our website: Check out the winning entry on the official Loeries page:

The Shared Value category recognises companies that deliver value to shareholders, while positively impacting society through their business models and practices.

The Loeries defines Shared Value as an ongoing programme that shows a tangible Company Benefit and delivers real Social Benefit. Here’s to more wins, more collaborations, and more positive, authentic story-telling. #SAINC #Loeries #NbatLoeries #ProudlySouthAfrican #BusinessBelieves #TellBetterStories #OldMutual

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