Thursday, 22 November 2012

Roganix Launches New Website,, A Resource Hub To Help South Africans Pass The Driver’s Test.

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On October 23rd, Roganix Ltd. launched their brand new website,, aimed at helping Learner Drivers pass the South African Driver's Licence Test.

GetYourDrivers offers a wide range of free resources, and can be used in conjunction with its sister website, GetYourLearners, to guide a person from having no licence, to getting their Learner's Permit and eventually passing their Driver's Licence Test.

The site offers Learners advice on how to begin learning to drive; it advises them on the average number of hours it takes to learn, the best driving lesson "schedule" for them, and how to get the best value out of their driving lessons. The site also advises Learners on how to choose the right driving instructor; selecting an instructor that suits the Learner's personality and learning needs is an important part of the learning to drive process, and Learners may not know what to look for in an instructor.

An important feature of GetYourDrivers is the Driving Instructor and School Directory. Users can search the directory by province and city in order to find a local driving school or instructor, while Driving Instructors can add themselves to the directory and have easy access to a free online presence. Instructors can include details about their services: contact details, languages in which they operate, codes they are qualified to teach, average lesson price and anything else they feel is necessary. Users can read reviews on Instructors to get an idea of what they might be like, or write their own to give feedback to other Learners who may be looking at a particular instructor.

Learners can also work through free revision material that covers all aspects of the Driver's Licence Test for cars, trucks and motorcycles: the Structure of the Test, The Pre-Trip Inspections (Exterior and Interior), The Yard Test, The Road Test, and Using Vehicle Controls. The revision also covers K53 defensive driving methods and explains the Driving Test Examiner's Points sheet, giving learners a good idea of what the examiners will be looking for during the test.

For learners who have more general questions about the licence, such as where to apply, how much it costs to do so, and what requirements they need to meet in order to apply, GetYourDrivers has put together a list of frequently asked questions and their answers. If learners have a question which is not covered in the list, they can visit the GetYourDrivers Facebook page and ask more specific questions there.

GetYourDrivers also plans to roll out their Learning Resources and Reviews, which lists and rates many Learning-to-drive-related resources pertaining to South Africa on the web. Users can visit the resource centre to look for additional information, revision material, instructional videos, and anything else that will help them on the road to their Driver's Licence.

Users can contact the website via its Live Help system on or via their Facebook page,

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