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Tuesday, 28 July 2020 21:05

Near-fatal train accident brought out the best in me

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In 2017, Tumelo fell out of a train and ended up underneath it, he was literally crushed. That horrible moment would become a life-changing moment for him, forever, in a great way.

In his newly published book "UnABC", Tumelo recounts his life, post-accident, and rawly details what he was going through as he was recovering and learning to adapt to his new way of life as a bi-lateral above-knee amputee. 

His book proves to people, able-bodied and not, that it's never too late to rebuild their lives, what was meant to destroy him became a catalyst for the amazing personal growth he has experienced since then. 

Tumelo Khoza Ka Phahla is a 26-year-old Author from Sebokeng, Vaal. He has written two books, "Enough of No Hope" and "UnABC". 

Note: Tumelo is available for interviews

Contact Details: Webster Tsenase (0647794236)

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