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Tuesday, 16 June 2020 15:59

DA Youth calls for the Government to put Youth development at the centre of its agenda

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DA Youth calls for the Government to put Youth development at the centre of its agenda

Today, South Africans commemorate the June 16, 1976, protests that were a landmark in the struggle to achieve a free and democratic society. On the 44th Anniversary of that historic occasion, the DA Youth salutes the bravery of the 1976 generation who positioned themselves at the forefront of the process to build a better South Africa for all.

In our present-day society, under the shadow of the Coronavirus pandemic and a stagnant economy, the future of young people continues to echo a life of poverty, unemployment and inequality.

The Coronavirus pandemic is expected to further exacerbate the increasing numbers of youth unemployment, ultimately leaving young people in a far worse position than ever before.

The Youth suffer the worst of every negative outcome emanating from policy and Government failures in this country.

Earlier this month, DA Youth launched its national campaign #TheYouthHustleContinues calling on Government to address the scourge of joblessness among young people.

As the DA Youth in Gauteng we call on the Gauteng Government to work on the following interventions alongside the national government to alleviate unemployment:

  • Petition the President to ensure reduction in data prices for registered unemployed youths.
  • Stimulate demand for youth labour through the Employment Tax Incentive (ETI)
  • Advocate for targeted support for micro-entrepreneurs in the informal economy to enable them to operate safely in the time of COVID-19.
  • Focus on instilling an entrepreneurial mindset and expanding support and incentives for youth-owned businesses and co-operatives.

The best way to honour the 1976 generation is to construct a society that sets-up every young person with a life full of opportunities.

The DA Youth will continue to ensure that the youth agenda remains a priority in our society.

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Pogiso Mthimunye Cllr

DAY GP Provincial Chairperson
073 110 5609

Lulama Mankabane
Gauteng Provincial Communications Officer
078 955 6834

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