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Thursday, 22 August 2019 12:58

Industrial Psychology Courses for 2020 to enroll for in South Africa

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Industrial psychology, is also often referred to as organizational psychology. Industrial Psychology is a branch of psychology that studies and applies psychological theories to workplace environments, organizations and employees. Professionals in the field focus on increasing workplace productivity by improving the physical and mental health of employees. Workplace settings of every size and industry can benefit from the assistance of an industrial psychologist. By studying employee’s attitudes and behaviors in the context of their companies, these professionals are able to identify areas for improvement and make necessary changes through new products, procedures and leadership training.

Industrial Psychology Courses to enroll for in South Africa

1. Bcom Honours in Industrial Psychology at University of Johannesburg

If you would like to invest in yourself and a career focused on work and the workplace, then you have to consider to further your education and to enrol for the postgraduate BA/BCom (Hons) Industrial Psychology degree we offer. View qualification

2. BPsych degree at The South African College of Applied Psychology

The BPsych develops a thorough grounding in the knowledge, theory and principles of the profession of psychology and builds high intellectual independence and research capacity in the methodology and techniques of psychology.View qualification

3. Psychology Degree at Wits

The Honours in Organisational Psychology is a one year, full-time programme aimed at students interested in applying psychology to various areas of work, such as industrial relations, human resources, organisational design and development and organisational research. Students are required to complete five compulsory modules including a research report on an approved topic. The five modules are: Research Methods in Psychology; Individual Well-being and Effectiveness at Work; Theoretical Foundations of Organisational Psychology; Group Processes in Organisations; and the Research Essay.View qualification

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4. Psychology Degree at Monash

View qualification

5. Organisational Psychology at University of Capetown

The Organisational Psychology department is committed to improving people-management in South Africa. We teach and conduct research on how people behave at work, and we evaluate whether public and private-sector people-development programmes are working. We retain active links with workplaces and some staff members consult regularly to organisations. View qualification

6. Industrial Psychology Skills Programme at Damelin

The programme gives accessibility and flexibility to employed, self-employed and unemployed learners. It is a basic programme in Industrial Relations and will be of value to learners who would like to pursue a career in this field or business owners who require these skills to effectively run their businesses. View qualification

7. Industrial Psychology at University of Western Cape

As an accredited training institution for aspiring Industrial Psychologists, we offer programmes of high academic standard that are also relevant to the world of business View qualification

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