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Wednesday, 30 March 2016 15:21

Executive Speaker Programme appoints world-class speaking coach Lynn Baker

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In association with Unique Speaker Bureau, Henley Business School is proud to announce the appointment of Lynn Baker as Program Director of the Executive Speaker Programme. Lynn Baker is a World Class Speaking Coach, Executive Presence Consultant, Business Image Consultant, Professional Speaker and successful business woman. Together with three other top international speakers, namely Michael Jackson, Shelley Walters and Ryan Hogarth, Baker aims to take public speaking to the next level - a level that is essential for business success.

“I am absolutely delighted and honoured to be appointed Programme Director for the Henley Business School – Executive Speaker Programme. For the first time ever in South Africa, the knowledge and experience of four international speakers has been combined to create a practical course that will assist professionals to shift their skills to the next level,” says Lynn Baker.

Baker has enjoyed a varied business career. She headed an international sales division for a global company in London, she founded one of South Africa’s most successful professional speaker bureaus and was GM of Montecasino Corporate Events. Baker is also responsible for developing an Executive Presence model for coaching executives on soft skills.

In addition to her work experience, Baker trained one-on-one with the guru of speaker coaches Professor Ron Arden from San Diego, USA.  In 2010, she studied with World Class Speakers USA and qualified as a World Class Speaking Coach.

As Program Director of the Executive Speaker Programme, Baker will be working alongside ‘The other Michael Jackson’ - an internationally acclaimed keynote speaker who has trained hundreds of leaders on his Presentation Skills Masterclass programme.

Baker will also be working with Shelley Walters, a popular conference speaker and sales trainer who specialises in teaching the art of sales, persuasion and presentation.

Baker’s fourth facilitator is Ryan Hogarth - author, radio show host, podcaster and avid researcher on how to decode the digital age. Hogarth will share valuable information on developing a powerful personal brand.

The combined skills and expertise of the four renowned speaking professionals will ensure that delegates develop a new found confidence in their ability to deliver compelling messages, drive decisions, change minds, energize their audience and achieve their goals.

More about the Executive Speaker Programme

The Executive Speaker Programme is aimed at senior management executives, professionals and aspirant professional speakers. It aims to take delegates to the next, crucial level of public speaking and business success.

The course consists of eight evening modules that will take place between the 4th of April and the 7th of June 2016. The course will cover the key aspects of planning, preparing and performing a professional presentation, as well as promoting personal brand.

There will be numerous opportunities to put new techniques into practice and receive immediate feedback and coaching. The final session of this exciting course culminates in an exclusive opportunity to deliver a 10-minute presentation to all the facilitators, Henley Management and staff, the Unique Speaker Bureau management and sales team, as well as selected VIP corporate clients. 

The Executive Speaker Programme takes place at Henley Business School South Africa:

Kirstenhof Office Park
Corner Witkoppen Rd and Milcliff Rd

To find out how the Executive Speaker Programme can help take your public speaking skills to the next crucial level, contact:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +27 11 465 4410

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