09 December 2021

Face to Face Learning in a World of Sport and Fitness Training

Submitted by Lisl Whytock
Face to Face Learning in a World of Sport and Fitness Training

eta College is an accredited and registered higher education and training college that specialises in sport and fitness qualifications. Our training college is recognised worldwide for its theoretical, practical, and work-based approach to learning, which we call Total immersion. We offer both online and on-campus learning. Our on-campus learning is delivered by attending face-to-face lectures at eta College's campus across South Africa. Our campuses offer Degree, Diploma, Certificate and specialised short courses in Fitness, Coaching Science and Sport Management.

We provide a range of classrooms, practical and recreational environments to achieve both theoretical learning and the practical skills that students will need whilst having fun. In addition, we have relationships with workplace providers who ensure that our students are exposed to learning relevant to their studies and can provide opportunities for their future employment or starting their own practice.

Historically, learning has taken place face-to-face, in a classroom with a teacher or lecturer and requires participation from time to time.

The Advantages of Face-to-Face Learning
Although less flexible than online learning, face-to-face learning has the advantages of you being able to concentrate harder with fewer distractions on campus than if you were at home. It will also enable you to gain a greater understanding of real-life examples and experiences from your lecturers. Furthermore, real-time feedback is more straightforward with face-to-face learning, and you can collaborate with your fellow students.

eta College offers the following On-campus Learning Programmes:

Fitness Programmes Available on Campus
• Bachelor of Exercise in Sport and Leisure
• Diploma in Exercise in Sport and Leisure
• Higher Certificate in Exercise in Sport and Leisure
• Advanced Certificate in Exercise in Sport and Leisure

Coaching Programmes Available on Campus
• Diploma in Sport and Exercise
• Higher Certificate in Sport and Exercise

Management Programmes Available on Campus
• Bachelor of Management in Sport and Leisure
• Diploma in Sport and Recreation Management
• Higher Certificate in Sport, Recreation and Fitness Management

Short Courses Available on Campus
• Personal Trainer
• Fitness Instructor
• Sport Massage
• Yoga RYT

Whether you choose to study through one of our campuses or use our online learning portals, you should select an approach that best works for you. However, some courses may require you to attend in person due to the nature of the work.

If you are interested in applying for one of our courses, you will need to have the following information:

  • Certified copy of your identity document.
  • Certified copy of the identity document of the person paying the account.
  • Certified Senior or School Leaving Certificate (Matric, NSC, GCSE) issued by the relevant Education Department or Highest Qualification Achieved.
  • Any relevant disability or medical documents.
  • Proof of address.
  • Year of Matriculation
  • Name of the High School which you attended.

Further information about our face-to-face courses can be found here.

Our course fees and further information can be found on our eta College website. You can also fill out an online enquiry form or speak to a course consultant for additional guidance.

Should you require any other information regarding eta Learning, or if you need assistance in applying for a particular course, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can assist you as speedily as possible.

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