31 October 2019

Aon South Africa sponsors Champion of Champions Tournament

Submitted by Teresa Settas

Aon South Africa has announced its sponsorship of the Golf RSA Club Champion of Champions tournament final taking place from 3 – 6 November 2019 at Zebula Golf Estate and Spa, in keeping with its support of the long-term growth and development of amateur golf in the country.

“Our sponsorship of the Champion of Champions event aligns with our Handicaps Network Africa (HNA) partnership that aims to support the game of golf at all levels in South Africa,” says Mandy Barrett, Head of Marketing at Aon South Africa. HNA is a joint venture between Super-Brands and GolfRSA - the unified body of the South African Golf Association and Women’s Golf South Africa.   A portion of Aon’s sponsorship goes to the development of the sport. 

“Golf is a sport that requires immense perseverance, commitment and technical skill.  Whether on the tee or reading the green, golfers are constantly searching for insights to give them an edge over the competition.  They make strategic decisions, take calculated risks, use pattern recognition and rely heavily on a team of trusted advisors to maximise performance.  Through Aon South Africa’s local sponsorship of the sixth Sunshine Ladies Tour Dimension Data ProAm Challenge 2019, aimed at creating a platform to grow the women’s professional golf circuit locally, in addition to Aon’s global partnerships with the PGA Tour, the LPGA and the Ryder Cup, we bring the parallels between business and golf to life,” explains Mandy.

Aon introduced a unique, season-long golf competition in partnership with the LPGA: The Aon Risk Reward Challenge, that highlights the world’s best professional golfers as they tackle the most strategically challenging holes across not only the LPGA, but also the PGA TOUR regular season.

Grant Hepburn, CEO of GolfRSA, adds that Aon South Africa’s partnership with HNA provides positive reinforcement to amateur golf.  "We will ensure that proceeds from the campaign are put to good use as we endeavour to grow the game in all communities and at all levels," he comments.

Paul Bezuidenhout, Operations Manager at HNA 

Published in Sports Range