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EFC middleweight king Dricus du Plessis and CM Trading Brand Ambassador

CM Trading is going round-for-round with EFC Africa in the global arena and it’s turning out to be the pairing of year! The announcement earlier this year that CM Trading is jumping into the ring with a one-year sponsorship of EFC (Extreme Fighting Championship) and a deal with EFC middleweight king Dricus du Plessis to act as their brand ambassador for six months, was met with more than a bit of surprise in the industry. But, this online trading company with an out of the box approach to investment opportunities has a reputation for making surprising moves, and a successful start to the sponsorship has validated their decision. This is certainly no surprise to Daniel Kibel, CM Trading Co-Founder. "We are very excited about how our partnership with the EFC, and with Dricus in particular, is progressing. As Africa’s largest and best-known online broker, CM Trading’s cooperation with Africa’s fastest growing sport is a natural fit. CM Trading is Africa’s local international broker, so it’s decidedly a perfect match.”

A sponsorship of this nature is a big win for EFC and has also had positive ripple effects for du Plessis. “Having Brands such as CM Trading get behind the sport in Africa is absolutely huge,” says du Plessis. “The sport depends on large corporations to build awareness, a sponsorship of this nature, adds weight to the growing popularity of EFC across the continent, and the globe. It is a solid step in the right direction to take the sport to a whole new level, introducing it to a whole new set of fans.”

CM Trading is committed to demystifying online trading and demonstrating its accessibility to everyone. So naturally, we were interested in hearing du Plessis’ take on whether he has dabbled in any online trading. “I have spent some time on their platform and am still learning the art of online trading, but the videos and guides are so interesting and accessible and have been really helpful, I like the fact that this is a trusted platform and that I know my money is safe with CM Trading.”

It’s obvious that this sponsorship is about so much more than just the sport to du Plessis.  “The Partnership with CM trading allows me to learn more and more about the art of trading and has helped me to set up options for additional income streams, which is obviously very important for a professional athlete. With these additional income streams in place, and with my knowledge of online trading growing daily, I can fulfil my dream and focus 100% of my time on becoming the best MMA athlete in the world.”

Finally, based on what he has learnt so far, he has some advice for friends and fans, “Number 1 – Learn to budget properly, stop overspending on material things, get a steady primary income and then learn to start adding additional income streams like trading forex. With CM Trading this has been so incredibly easy, I am already starting to reap the benefits.”

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