08 June 2020

The spirit of Young Bafana comes to life during lockdown - from imagination to reality, one team makes a difference!

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The spirit of Young Bafana comes to life during lockdown - from imagination to reality, one team makes a difference!

The Young Bafana Soccer Academy in the Western Cape is growing at a rapid rate, with no signs of slowing down. And even though the team is currently not playing due to nationwide lockdown measures, they’re still actively making an impact on their communities.

hansgrohe SA is a proud sponsor of the Academy, which provides a platform for young people from the poorest areas in the Western Cape to rise above their circumstances and make positive changes in their lives.

Young Bafana gives youth between the ages of 5 and 19 a chance to explore their potential through targeted education, life skills and youth development programmes; all while they improve their soccer skills. There is more to the Young Bafana initiative than soccer. The team is driven at its very heart by the guiding principles of Ubuntu, which include a strong sense of compassion and human kindness.

Lockdown has had a devastating impact on South Africa’s poorer communities, with many breadwinners unable to provide for their families as they normally would. And having first-hand experience of the circumstances in these areas, the Young Bafana team has decided to put their trademark team spirit to good use.

With the help of their sponsors, Young Bafana players are delivering food parcels to needy people in their areas. And while the goal posts may have shifted due to challenging times, these determined young men remain single-mindedly dedicated to improving their communities’ lives.

Their efforts are testament to the team’s powerful work ethic and fearless fighting spirit, which took them to the High Performance League in 2019 to face giants including Ajax Cape Town and Ubuntu Cape Town FC. Facing difficult odds is nothing new to these young stars, and COVID-19 is another challenge they are facing head on.

The Young Bafana Soccer Academy provides a constructive training ground that enables young people to score their own goals and change their lives through ongoing programmes designed to help them build up their skills and confidence.

As the Young Bafana team continues to make a difference during lockdown and beyond, hansgrohe will keep supporting these rising stars, whether they are playing the game they love or giving back to their communities.

The Young Bafana Soccer Academy is setting a fine example by proving that they are dedicated to standing together to make an impact on their world. And in years to come, we look forward to watching them grow into champions in their own lives.We continue to play the beautiful game.



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