22 December 2020

LeboneLitho Printers donates stationery and R100 000 to improve access to quality education for future leaders

Submitted by Archy Hlahla
LeboneLitho Printers donates stationery and R100 000 to improve access to quality education for future leaders

Johannesburg, December 18, 2020- South Africa’s leading specialized printing company, LeboneLitho Printers (Lebone) today donated stationery materials (schoolbooks, crayons, pencils, and rubbers) plus R100 000 to Everest Primary School, located in Newclare, Randburg.

Keith Michael, Chief Executive Officer at LeboneLitho Printers presented the donation to principal of Everest Primary School Mr Brian Berry at the 94.7 FM offices at Monte Casino in Fourways.

The primary school aims to educate and empower learners from a foundation phase-up, ensuring that they are knowledgeable, fully equipped, and ready for the senior phases that follow.

Everest Primary School is situated in a disadvantaged community dominated by gangsterism, drugs and substance abuse. The school is home to over 1 000 learners who come from difficult backgrounds and rely on social grants to survive.

“We have helped old-aged homes and community feeding schemes in the past, but this is the first time we are assisting a school. The primary school is in the area I grew up and I saw the need to support them considering the tough challenges we have faced as a country during 2020. We hope that learners can learn and enjoy the 2021 academic year without having to worry about stationery” says Michaels.

According to the Department of Basic Education, about 60% of first graders drop out before they complete grade 12. Only 52% of the age appropriate population remain enrolled and about 12% is eligible for tertiary/higher education. This is caused by several factors which include not living with both parents, lack of family, community and health support, substance abuse and shortage of resources.

“We would like to thank LeboneLitho Printers for this wonderful donation, it really means a lot to us. This donation will certainly go a long way and bring great relief to the parents. We are proud to say our learners will be able to focus on passing, as the challenge of stationery has been eliminated” says Berry.

“947 is committed to making a positive change in Joburg communities. The initiative with LeboneLitho Printers has provided brilliant opportunities to assist a school in need,” says Thando Makhunga, Station Manager at 947 FM.

“The future of our country lies in the hands of our children and therefore, it is our responsibility as parents and guardians to nurture and help shape their future. Let us cultivate a reading culture among children and encourage them to participate in debates, discussions and other skill enhancing activities both at home and at school. We also encourage other businesses to uplift local communities. At Lebone, we will keep the momentum going and lend a hand wherever we can”, Michaels concludes.

About LeboneLitho Printers

LeboneLitho Printers is a 100% black owned organization which was established in 2012. LLP is a people centered organization that offers a range of end-to-end printing solutions to a growing list of partners ranging from public to private sectors companies. The company manufactures full color commercial litho sheet fed, web fed and digital printing. LLP has achieved 100% in service delivery since inception and continues to maintain excellent results.

LeboneLitho Printers’ current employee profile reflects a 95% inclusion of historically disadvantaged individuals. Its strength lies in employing consultative processes and a collaborative working style that significantly contributes to the relationship building processes resulting in quality service delivery. For more information visit www.lebonelitho.co.za.

For more information contact:
Keith Michael

Chief Executive Officer
Tel: (011) 493 7991

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