22 February 2022

Wily criminal taking advantage of load shedding caught

Submitted by Jacqui

On 8 February at approximately 02:21 Fidelity ADT Reaction Officer Mathews Morata was proactively patrolling on Hippo street, Centurion during load shedding when he received a call on the Monitor Net community radio, alerting him that two suspects had been seen running down Fergus Street. 

Officer Morata drove to Fergus Street looking for these suspects. He saw two suspects running towards Bruafoss Street and immediately chased after managing to arrest one of the suspects. Unfortunately, the second suspect got away. 

On further investigation, it was discovered that the suspect was in possession of all the tools required for cutting electrical cables and was wanted for stealing cables in the Valhalla area. 

The suspect was handed over to Wierdaburg SAPS. 

Maurice Malan, Centurion Branch Manager for Fidelity ADT says, “Copper cable theft is a big issue and can cause a lot of downtime for businesses when stolen. This arrest sends a message to the community that this theft will not be tolerated.”

He says it is important never to let your guard down and if your electricity does go off unexpectedly, you need to be especially vigilant.

He lists some safety habits to remember:

Lock all doors and windows all the time. This applies to your house, your vehicle, and any outbuildings on your property. This applies whether you are at home or not.

Keep valuable items out of sight. Never leave keys, wallets, cellphones, or any other small items on a table or anywhere close to a window.

If you are worried about your security when there is no power, call your private security provider to check the premises.

Do not ignore SMS messages that refer to low battery. Make sure that your alarm batteries are working optimally, if you aren't sure call your security provider to test Make sure that your electric fences are connected to a backup battery

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