30 May 2022

What does it really mean for attorneys to remain relevant and competitive?

Submitted by SchoemanLaw Inc

By Kavita Kooverjee

Over the years, as attorneys, we have built a good understanding of the Law and how it works, and we are good at executing what needs to be achieved. However, specific skills are needed for client relations, even when times get very stressful in dealing with clients.

As attorneys, we are always trying to reach new clients and build better relationships. However, one thing that is always a concern for clients is transparency. Research has shown that clients do not feel they can trust their attorneys as they are unsure what their attorneys are doing with their matter, so how can this be improved? What can we do?


Now the way forward in bridging this gap is through transparency; transparency in every aspect of what we do as attorneys and how we communicate with our clients.  Furthermore, when I talk about transparency, it means letting the client know exactly what we are doing with "their money" and how we are billing them. 

With innovation and disruption occurring at every corner, more companies need to work with people they feel are transparent in the way they do business, as we have become a more collaborative community. 

Legal Project Management

Now the answer to this lies in Legal Project Management (LPM). The bridge between a good attorneys and becoming a great all-rounded attorney of the future. 

It starts with seeing every legal matter as a project and using these excellent skills to streamline the work with open communication on all channels. Think of this as a well-run steam engine, each component working together to keep it on track. LPM teaches you how to be better at opening communication channels, meeting expectations, and creating achievable goals from the start. 

In a world where every business is shifting to streamlining every project and removing unnecessary delays, LPM is the answer for attorneys. In a few years, being asked as attorneys to use Legal Project Management methods and leverage Legal Technology will become the new norm.

Innovation meets law

With innovation at every corner, the profession needs to be met halfway. So, regardless of what type of firm you work in or specialize in, most will agree that the outside pressure from clients to become more transparent, efficient, and cost-effective is increasing. LPM's worth is demonstrated by its ability to meet such demands. Companies are more willing to work with you with the new transparent mechanisms presented in the course. 

Efficiency has improved

Many successful attorneys that have already started to use LPM to manage their tasks have seen a drastic difference in the quality of their output. Resources are put to better use, and attorneys can see actual goals being achieved efficiently. 

Transparent Billing

People like to know what they pay for and have vast fears of unwarranted excessive bills. So being upfront with your client from the start to your billing model is very important.

However, beware of simply using these terms to attract new clients. The level of efficiency and transparency will show up very quickly. 

To empower your firm and yourself by considering following the LPM method. 

Contact us if you are interested in becoming proficient in LPM. SchoemanLaw is the accredited training provider for LPM as appointed by the International Institute of Legal Project Management: https://www.schoemanlaw.co.za/training/

Check out Africa Legal Free Introduction to Legal Project Management: https://learn.africa-legal.com/courses/course-v1:ALS+ALL103+2022/about

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