10 May 2017

Pastor receives death threat for telling the truth!

Submitted by MyPressportal Team

Pastor Enoch F Phiri is a man of God who believes in national healing through land Restitution.

On his TV show, Enoch Phiri has been very vocal on the issue of land because he believes the challenges which South Africa is facing today is due to how the land and economic transformation was not properly managed by the state.

“When God delivered the Israelites from Egypt, God used three key words. Deliverance (Freedom) Land and Worship) there is no freedom without land and financial freedom. The land issue is an unfinished work of CODESA” he was quoted.

But now Pastor Enoch Phiri of Restoration House Church in Protea Glen, Soweto is facing mountain to climb where he has been receiving emails and unknown calls of hate from different people telling him he has no powers to speak on the platform of land restitution. “I started receiving emails and calls from unknown from random people threatening to run campaigns to be taken off air by TBN and one gospel channel"

“I am not intimidated with these emails that keep on flooding into my inbox because God is my protector. 

He said the people are talking of reconciliation but with God there is no meaning of reconciliation without restitution. Restitution according to Enoch F Phiri is the only way that will bring total healing to South Africa.

He said on his TV show called Taking Dominion he spoke that people who stole land from the rightful owners must give back the land. “I am not going to lay criminal charges against the people who are intimidating me because I don't know them in person.

I will let God be my judge and fight back against my enemies,” he said.

He said the threats were sparked as a result of the messages he has been preaching on television TBN and One Gospel about the need of land restitution in South Africa.

“The core of the messages has been on forgiveness, reconciliation and restitution. In order for healing to happen in South Africa there is a need of restitution from the perpetrators,” he said.

Enoch F Phiri is a speaker, writer, radio and TV personality. He is the Bishop of Restoration House based in Soweto Protea Glen Ext 13. Pastor Phiri’s church services and strategic sermons are broadcasted on TBN Africa.  Phiri currently has two shows on TV, Step IN and the Journey on 1Gospel.

To hear more about Pastor Phiri sermons, catch him on TBN Africa every

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Or visit his church at Restoration House Protea Glean Ext 13 Soweto.