25 March 2021

Inspiring Hope by Lending a Helping Hand

Submitted by Nina Minne
Inspiring Hope by Lending a Helping Hand

South Africa faces a humanitarian crisis with the ever-increasing number of babies abandoned each year. Research suggests that above HIV and AIDS, substance abuse, teenage pregnancy and a lack of family and community support, the most significant contributing factor to child abandonment is that of socio-economic circumstances.  Given the impact of COVID-19, especially on vulnerable communities, it’s no surprise the rate of abandonment in South Africa now stands well over 3 500 babies per year. Unfortunately, with increased pressure on the system, there are simply not enough care facilities to look after these helpless children.  

Thanks to organisations like Hopelands, founded by Stephen and Sharon Lamprecht, opening care facilities in response to the dire need for transition homes this crucial to helping alleviate the situation and ultimately make a difference in the lives of many young children.  

On March 27, 2021, the founders of Hopelands will be opening the doors to a transition home they call Hope Cottage which will have the capacity to accommodate up to 20 babies from 0 to 6 months of age. But they need the community’s help to do it.  Hopelands is calling on the public and the local community to attend an Open Day at Hope Cottage, 1 Rustenburg Road, Magaliesburg from 10:00am on March 27, 2021 where all will be met with Rugani juice and a borewors roll and introduced to all that Hope Cottage aims to achieve.  

The gracious hosts are looking forward to sharing their vision and mission with all who would like to hear. As Hopelands is still in the process of readying the home and concluding final details, the founders look forward to engaging with the public to help officially welcome their first baby at Hope Cottage come June this year.  

Hopelands is a start-up, non-profit social service organisation established in 2018 by Stephen and Sharon Lamprecht. Now retired, the couple are active community members who are profoundly passionate about making a difference in their community.  The inspiration to launch Hopelands was birthed in 2017 when the Lamprecht’s church donated 19 Hectares of vacant land in the Cradle of Humankind. “The vision is to develop a self-sustaining village which would accommodate 8 forever homes which would provide nurture, care and love to 48 orphaned and abandoned children”,  says Stephen Lamprecht, Hopelands CEO. Although Hopelands is working tirelessly to see this dream turn to reality, unfortunately due to re-zoning requirements and funding shortfalls, there is still much to do to turn this vacant land into a village.  

Understanding the pressing need to make a difference sooner rather than later, as intermediary action Hopelands founders decided to purchase a house in Magaliesburg, which they’ve called Hope Cottage –  the first of many transition homes to come from the organisation. Built around inspiring hope in a hopeless world, after successfully launching Hope Cottage, Stephen and Sharon Lamprecht look forward to developing more cottages until they are able to develop the self-sustaining Hopelands Village in the Cradle of Humankind.  

Hopelands is committed to raising awareness of the orphan calamity in South Africa, so much so that they are taking the cause to new heights by climbing to Everest Base Camp in August 2021. In an effort to raise funds to support their vision, Hopelands founders welcome any partnership opportunities.

Hopelands looks forward to welcoming the public at Hope Cottage March 27, 2021 from 10:00am. Should anyone like to donate or volunteer, please see below for a wish list of items and services required:     

Baby Room no 1 (already sponsored)

  • curtains 230 drop​​​​​​ (4)
  • net curtains 230 drop (eyelet)​​ ​​(4)
  • double curtain rail 3m​​​​​(1)
  • double curtain rail 2m​​​​​(1)
  • paint for walls​​​​​​ 5l
  • paint for ceiling​​​​​​ 1l
  • paint for cupboards​​​​​ 1l
  • paint for skirting ​​​​​​1l
  • light fitting​​​​​​ 1l
  • ​laminate flooring 

Baby Room no 2

  • curtains 230 drop​​​​​​ (4)
  • net curtains 230 drop​​​​​ (4)
  • double curtain rail 2m​​​​​ (1)
  • double curtain rail 1,5m​​​​​ (1)
  • light fitting​​​​​​​ (1)
  • laminate flooring  

Baby Room no 3

  • curtains 230 drop​​​​​​ (2)
  • net curtains 230 drop​​​​​ (2)
  • double curtain rail 2,5m​​​​​ (1)
  • light fitting​​​​​​​1
  • laminate flooring  


  • curtains 230 drop​​​​​​ (2)
  • net curtains 230 drop​ ​​(​​2)
  • double curtain rail 2,5m​​​​​ (1) 


  • curtain 1.50 drop​​​​​​ (1)
  • toilet curtain 110 drop​​​​​​ (1)  

Isolation room 

  • curtains 230 drop​​​​​​ (2)
  • net curtains 230 drop​​​​​ (2)
  • double curtain rail 2,0m​​​​​ (1)
  • light fitting​​​​​​​ (1)
  • dry walling (5,50m) 


  • blind inside window 46cm with 86cm drop​​ (1)
  • blind inside window 144cm with 86 cm drop​​ (1)
  • blind outside window 1,0m​​​​ (1)
  • blind outside window 1,50m​​​​ (1)
  • fluorescent light​​​​​​ (1) 

Office or Clinic

  • curtains 230 drop​​​​​​ (2)
  • net curtains 230 drop​​​​​ (2)
  • blind for sliding door​​​​​ (1)
  • light fitting​​​​​​​ (1) 


  • landscaper to landscape garden
  • Garden Service to maintain garden
  • Veggie garden to sustain the home  

Play area

  • sandpit
  • bench, wall or fence around play area  

Paint interior and exterior (already sponsored)

  • painter required to paint interior, exterior and roof for all buildings 


  • install sink mixer for prep bowl
  • plumb water pipes for washing machine in laundryinstall wash basin for hand washing
  • install baby baths in bathroom
  • install mixer for baby baths  


  • remove cupboard between lounge and office
  • install dry walling and door for isolation room (5,50m)  

Advertising sign (already sponsored)

  • sign for hopelands and sponsor  

Solar or green energy system 

Irrigation system to be repaired 

Generator or inverter when power outages occur  

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