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Thursday, 09 February 2012 10:29

Looking for copies of your divorce records, papers or documents?

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If you are in the process of obtaining copies of your divorce papers in South Africa, my guess is that you are relatively fed-up at this stage? This is not an easy mission at all; in fact, one particular movie springs to mind:  “Mission Impossible.”

Having said that, taking-on impossible missions is what we do, and we are in the process of setting up a concentrated effort in assisting people like you to get hold of their divorce documents. There are a few “tricks to the trade” and once you know your way around these, as we do, obtaining your divorce documents becomes a real possibility.

Divorce records can only be obtained from the specific High Court where you got divorced. Now two immediate obstacles are getting in the way. To get your divorce papers, you need your divorce case number – NO WAY AROUND THAT! Secondly most of the courts are just not geared to assist. Some divorce records are archived, without being captured electronically – huge obstacle!

ALL HOPE IS NOT LOST! We are successful in obtaining divorce records on a daily basis. That is what we do. To sum up:

  • Divorce Records/Papers/Documents in South Africa are obtainable
  • They are usually not easy to get hold of
  • You must have a divorce case number!
  • We can attempt to assist in obtaining the case number
  • You can get the divorce records from the applicable court only.
  • Waiting period of two weeks to get your divorce documents.
  • The older the case – the greater the mission.

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