23 November 2020

Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blades - Tips for Longer Blade Life

Submitted by Marketing Gareth
Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blades - Tips for Longer Blade Life

Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blades - Tips for Longer Blade Life

Companies invest a great deal in their metal cutting circular saw blades; an understandable price to pay for quality products sharp and durable enough to cut through metal. But however durable our cutting blades may be, every blade requires proper care and handling to maintain their sharp edge and durability, all of which equates to longer blade life. Here are a few simple tips that can help to extend your blade life and lower the overall cost of production.

1: Clamp your Materials down Securely

Making your blade’s job easier goes a long way to maintaining its edge. By clamping your materials in place to stop it from spinning, vibrating, or jumping, your circular saw blade will have an easier time cutting. This also guarantees an accurate cut.

2. Ensure the tension is correct for your blade

Blades are unique, requiring different optimal tension settings. Make sure that the blade isn’t slipping when cutting, and that the blade is cutting perfectly straight. This is how you know the tension is correct. Sometimes for thicker materials tension may no be needed, however, and the majority of cutting machines have a tension guide to offer a useful baseline, even if the guide may not always be accurate.

3. Make sure the tooth pitch is correct to the cutting application

It always helps to have the right tools for the job, and the tooth pitch of your blade should be suitable for the job. Otherwise, the quality of the cut can be affected negatively, and the lifespan of your blade is drastically reduced. No matter what you’re cutting, you need to make sure you’ve got the correct blade for your materials.

4. Keep the blade clean after cutting

A good rule of thumb, if you look after your equipment, it will look after you. It’s good practice, and common sense, to maintain good housekeeping for your equipment. Cleaning off any swarf that gets on the blade after use not only extends the life of your blade but helps maintain your equipment as well.

5. Use the right concentration of coolant

Coolants are used to maintain blade quality, but only when used correctly. A concentration that’s too low can lead to problems such as corrosion, blade surface deterioration, and bacteria growth, all of which is detrimental to your metal cutting saw blades. Do it by the book, and make sure your coolant is mixed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Routinely check on your coolant to make sure it’s mixed perfectly for your blades.

6. Keep your blade guides and carbide tips clean and set correctly

Time and repeated use, especially when doing curved work, can lead to metal fatigue, which ultimately leads to your blade snapping. This risk can be mitigated by providing maximum support for the blade. Use blade guides as close to the blade as you can possibly get them, and as near to the material itself. Don’t forget to clean up any swarf found on the tips after every use; your blades appreciate good housekeeping.

7. Get your blade up to speed

Before you start cutting, be sure to bring your metal cutting blade up to full speed to give it the best chance to cut through your materials. Let the blade do the work, and don’t push the saw blade through the material. Don’t rush the blade, let the teeth do the cut to avoid putting a strain on your cutting blade.

These tips will help maintain the life of your blade. The better the blade, the longer its lifespan, and Renlaw cutting tools are designed with quality in mind. We are proud to be the leading manufacturer of metal cutting saw blades in South Africa, employing the best techniques and technology to create metal cutting blades that keep their edge and withstand even the most demanding cutting jobs. If you have any questions about our circular cutting blades and maintaining them, feel free to contact us.

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