20 October 2021

Dunlop launches new people carrier tyre

Submitted by Jozi
Dunlop launches new people carrier tyre

With limited access to a formal public transport service, the South African taxi industry has become the driving force getting the workforce to city centres or industrial hubs on time. This sector, along with light delivery truck and van (LDV) drivers from the various trades such as construction, electrical and delivery, plays a key role in keeping the economy moving, needs safe and reliable transport solutions and cannot afford downtime or delays.

Add to that the average South African family of around 3.2 children and learner transporters and you have many multipurpose, people- and small cargo-carrying vehicles taking to the roads daily in the South Africa.

“Drivers of private or public transport vehicles need to consider many factors when selecting the right tyre for their people carrier, light truck or van,” says Lubin Ozoux, CEO of leading tyre manufacturer, Sumitomo Rubber South Africa. “The Dunlop SP VAN01 makes this choice that much easier. A reliable tyre brand that has been around for over 130 years, has a reputation for delivering new and enhanced technology to the market, and always puts safety first, is the obvious choice.”

Dunlop SP VAN01, the company’s newest generation of tyres developed especially for vans, takes the challenging African road conditions into consideration, delivering a safe, reliable, durable, and comfortable ride. Keeping vehicles on the road with excellent mileage in all applications, this tyre offers excellent wear resistance and safety performance, maximising time on the road, and fuel efficiency.

Designed to deliver on wear performance, durability and fuel saving, the Dunlop SP VAN01 exhibits enhanced wear life, handling stability and wet grip performance.

Product features include:

  • High rigidity steel wire layer structure – strengthened to improve the rigidity of the tyre, improving the tyre load bearing performance to meet commercial needs while ensuring safe driving.
  • Wide flat tread surface design – provides maximum road contact and traction in all conditions improving safety and resulting in even tyre wear.
  • Strip pattern design for tyre wall protection – the reinforced sidewall stiffness provides additional kerb damage protection, enhancing durability and driving on rough roads and protecting against damage due to kerb scraping.
  • Best pattern arrangement design – optimised rib distribution maintains consistent contact and directional stability, reduces braking distance, and maximises grip and wear.
  • New structure carbon black formula – enhances wear life, handling stability and wet grip.

“Our in-field testing on three local South African routes showed excellent performance of Dunlop SP Van01 and no signs of cut or chipping damage nor irregular wear patterns despite rough road conditions, making this tyre the ideal choice for drivers of minibus vans, light trucks and people carriers,” said Ozoux.

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