01 March 2022

The rise of delivery bikes during a global pandemic and lockdown

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The rise of delivery bikes during a global pandemic and lockdown

Every few years, an innovation comes along and disrupts industries. Uber transformed how millions of people move around. Airbnb shook up the hospitality industry, and now delivery bikes make sure customers get what they want, without leaving the house.

South Africa’s lockdown regulations were devastating for many businesses and industries, but it wasn’t all doom and gloom as the country’s delivery business realised exciting growth opportunities. While the car industry suffered tremendous losses, new motorcycle sales declined by only 1%.1 Online shopping is growing exponentially, and with that came a high demand for deliveries.

Deliver excellent customer service with a reliable fleet

Retailers and fast-food chains quickly realised the need for reliable delivery bikes to ensure customers could get their products without any delays. After all, delivery experience and costs are key factors customers consider when choosing an online store.2

“Just because customers are no longer in store, doesn't mean they don't deserve excellent service. A reliable and well-maintained fleet of delivery bikes could be the missing component to ensuring an excellent experience,” said Murray Long, Managing Director of First National Battery. “Delivery delays will inconvenience customers, who are likely to share their experiences and damage your brand's reputation, especially if it's an issue that repeats itself,” Long added.

Maintaining delivery fleet

Maintaining delivery bikes and ensuring they're up to every trip isn't only good for customer service but also for the delivery person. Knowing that the bike is in good condition can give them peace of mind on the road. And while a fleet manager is responsible for the vehicles, delivery people can also help maintain their bikes with daily checks of the tyres, lights, controls, and oil.3

A smooth ride depends on a quality battery

A crucial step in maintaining smooth rides is fitting a good quality motorcycle battery. There are a range of high quality and performing batteriesthat are reliable and robust to keep your fleet moving and your customers happy. A quality motorcycle battery should be maintenance-free, have a long lifespan, and trusted by original equipment manufacturers (OEM).4

Maintaining a fleet of vehicles and ensuring all deliveries happen on time can be stressful. But fleet managers can have one less concern by consulting with a trusted battery solutions providerwho will recommend a range of batteries that will keep fleets moving, customers happy, and businesses growing.

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First National Battery is South Africa's leading battery manufacturer for industries and applications rangingfrom automotive (including industrial, commercial and passenger vehicles), mining, railway and renewable energy to surface traction, telecommunicationsand standby battery solutions. Their vehicle battery solutions are trusted by all leading carmanufacturers in South Africa. They produce more than 2.2 million batteries each year and export their leading solutions to morethan 40 countries.

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