13 November 2020

Store your life with Mambo’s grand Durban opening

Submitted by Steven J Brown
Store your life with Mambo’s grand Durban opening

Do you ever find yourself saying “I need to free up space in the closet” / “I need to be more organised” / “what container can I use to place my leftovers in?” / “why is my winter clothes mixed with my summer outfits?”! 

The ultimate solution to your problem has finally arrived in Durban, as Mambo’s Storage & Home opens their first store in KZN, at Springfield Retail Centre.

From homeware to baking, office to kids, arts and crafts to outdoor, this well-known Cape Town brand is set to store, organise and prepare your life! Founded in 2000,

Mambo’s fast became the country’s firm favourite plastics and household products store, for wholesale and retail alike. Priding itself on stocking a comprehensive range of plastic-ware, their enormous stocks of amazing items, combined with their reasonable price points, Mambo’s has created a fun, and easy shopping environment for their customers. From the moment you enter their store, you’ll discover a world of so many things you never even knew you needed, and with their ranges being consistently updated with new and exciting products, you’ll leave ‘tickled pink’ every time. 

The mission at Mambo’s Storage & Home is to simply “make your life easier”, by offering more than 15 000 different items under one roof.

Here are some simple storage hacks from these professionals:

Identify your storage space first. It's always best to locate a storage space before you start boxing everything up. Working backward will save you time and the headache.

Opt for square containers. Unless you have open shelving, square storage containers are always a better option because they maximize space, and fit flush against a wall.

Sets of containers tend to have only one container of each size, which often doesn't match reality. Usually it's best to size containers based on what you're storing.

If you have a small kitchen, a canned food organiser could be a huge space-saver for you. That space between the wall and the fridge is usually "dead space." Make the most of it by creating a tall, narrow pull-out storage cart or rack to hold canned goods, spices, and oils.

Cheap containers will be expensive in the long run, as they warp in the elements and with temperatures changes

Label as much as you can, as this not only creates a more organised space, but will limit you having to open each and every container to find what you’re looking for.

Always remember that containers you choose are important, as they protect items of value, and will not only assist in keeping them clean, depending on the type of container, but will also protect your items from breakage.  

Let Mambo’s Storage & Home make your life easier for all your storage solutions!

Visit their new store at Springfield Retail Centre, opening at the end of November.