20 September 2021

Picnic at Granny's

Submitted by Steven J Brown
Picnic at Granny's

Picnics have to be one of life’s simple pleasures – enjoying the great outdoors in the Spring sunshine while snacking on exceptionally tasty foods. 

Here at Granny Mouse Country House & Spa we have the perfect spots for you to enjoy that special occasion picnic which will definitely be good for your soul.

Whether you are chilling over a great book or spending time with some good company, it just can’t get any better! To ensure your picnic is extra special, don’t just throw together a basket of fast food, crisps and chocolates, but rather plan out a thoughtful menu, including snacks that you would not normally eat at home but splurge on for a special occasion, suggests General Manager Sean Granger. 

Our “Mouse team” have planning a picnic down to a fine art, and have a few ideas to make that next picnic that much more special: 

  • Remember to pack the fold up chairs, that huge picnic blanket and even some lounging pillows to allow you to fully rest and to take in the sounds and smells of the great outdoors. 
  • The food is one of the best parts of a picnic so try put in some effort, ensuring that everyone is catered for, even the picky eaters. 
  • A variety of items that are easy to transport and eat while lazing in the warm Spring sun could include savoury tartlets, falafels, farm fresh veg crudité, dolmades, herbed yoghurt dip & humus.
  • An assortment of cheeses, fresh seasonal fruit, sweet fig preserve, salami, pickles, pretzels, basil pesto, savoury biscuits & pita wedges. Or, prosciutto wrapped melon, salami, olive medley, cherry tomatoes, char-grilled artichokes, basil pesto, bread sticks & focaccia wedges are just some of the tasty items that can be served without too much mess. 
  • Depending on the food you have packed, don’t forget to pack the necessary utensils you may need.
  • And if you are beer or wine drinkers, don’t forget the bottle opener. A sharp knife could also come in handy, as well as reusable shopping bags and containers for any leftovers. 
  • Spare a thought for the environment and invest in take away boxes with bamboo cutlery and biodegradable plates and serviettes. 
  • For those who don’t enjoy a little tipple, be sure to cater for those non-drinkers by making up some homemade pineapple juice, sweet tea or lemonade. 
  • And to make sure the day is a pleasant, and memorable one, don’t forget to bring the fun! Add in some outdoor games that everyone can participate in, like cricket, Frisbee or board games.
  • But don’t forget you are outdoors, so apply a good sunscreen, wear a hat and have mosquito repellent ready too. 

Remember, here at the Granny Mouse Country House & Spa, whether you are staying over or just popping in for high tea or lunch, we want you to relax and unwind and enjoy all the services that we have to offer!