13 September 2021

News24 in partnership with Adcock Ingram OTC launches season 4 of Sponsors of Brave: Be Brave Mzansi

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News24 in partnership with Adcock Ingram OTC launches season 4 of Sponsors of Brave: Be Brave Mzansi

News24 in partnership with Adcock Ingram OTC is spearheading Season 4 of the Sponsors of Brave campaign – this time calling on all South African residents to Be Brave, Mzansi and to do the Dance of Brave.

It is time to rise up as we continue the fight against the spread of Covid-19. Whether it's following social distancing protocol or getting the vaccination, now is the time to show Mzansi how much you care – and let our resilience as a nation shine.

The Covid-19 pandemic caused unimaginable loss of loved ones and livelihoods for many South Africans. The country has been in the grip of this pandemic for the better part of the past 18 months, but slowly and steadily there is light at the end of the tunnel as we exit our third wave and the national vaccine rollout gains momentum.

To celebrate and commemorate just how far we have come as a country, the Be Brave Mzansi campaign is asking everyone to get up and dance, as we rise together to beat the virus . It's time for all South African residents young and old to share in the joy as we embark on the journey to rebuilding our nation.

Nicole Austin, Adcock Ingram OTC Sponsors of Brave ambassador encourages everyone to get involved, "Our country has weathered so many storms, and we continue to rise, mostly because of our spirit of gratitude. We express this in many ways, but there is no more impactful way to show our courageous South African spirit than through song and dance. It unites us, it fuels us, and it is central to this brand new season of Sponsors of Brave - Be Brave, Mzansi. So get up, be brave, and move, Mzansi!” 


A weekly cash prize to the tune of R5,000 is up for grabs when you submit your dance video. Three video entries will be selected as overall winners: one by a nationwide public vote who will win R20,000 and two chosen by the panel of judges and The Ndlovu Youth Choir who will win R10,000 each - one for the best individual or family and one for the best school or organisation.

For some, it will be a dance of remembrance, a dance of survival for others and a dance of hope for many – but a dance of fun for all.

“Through the past 3 seasons of the Sponsors of Brave campaign we have recognised the bravery of frontline healthcare workers, and now it is time to acknowledge the bravery and resilience of all South Africans – it is our time to rise up Mzansi and rebuild,” says Andrea Firth the managing editor and content lead at BrandStudio.24. 

Take inspiration from the internationally acclaimed Ndlovu Youth Choir from the hills of Limpopo as they challenge you to learn the Dance of Brave to their newly launched song, We Will Rise, and share in the joy across South Africa.

Find the dance tutorial and entry details at https://partners.24.com/BeBraveMzansi/index.html