11 February 2021

Food for thought for Valentines

Submitted by Steven J Brown
Food for thought for Valentines

Displays of “hearts” everywhere, roses and chocolates in shop windows, all highlighting the tell-tale signs that there is definitely a “love in the air” vibe with Valentine’s Day just around the corner! 

Many people celebrate Valentine's Day in their own way. One of these ways would be to celebrate in the comfort of your own home, spending quality time with your significant other. 

And with these recent tough times that all of us are facing, why not use this occasion to show extra love by extending the invitation to family & friends – this slight gesture could mean the world to them.

Valentine’s Day is not always only about “romantic love” –show that you care deeply about your friendships that you admire and respect them! With that being said, food and love are inevitably linked. And ones emotions and feelings are an extremely strong trigger for food choices, so don’t worry, we have you covered in that department - celebrate your “love” with food. 

Should you reside within the Umhlanga Rocks area, you will be spoilt for choice when you pop into Granada Square, where all taste buds are catered for… 

  • Angelo’s, a local family run Italian Restaurant, is hosting an “Under the Stars” themed evening, so make sure you book to get in on what is sure to be a very romantic evening.  
  • If you fancy a “splash of Cuba”, then Little Havana is the place for some world class grills and seafood served with the very best of local South African wines. They are known for their own in-house butchery, where Little Havana’s free-range, hormone-free meats are processed and aged. 
  • You will definitely be spoilt for choice when visiting Mediterraneo, who offer everything from delicious breakfasts, luncheons and dinners, with a mixed variety of Mediterranean cuisine for all appetites. A place where good food and good service meets good times. 
  • Last but not least, 2 on Main Restaurant and Sports Diner, caters for all foodies, with a wide  selection of poultry, seafood and salads to choose from as well as an assortment of desserts and a range of hot or cold beverages to complete your meal. 

If you reside near Park Boulevard, within the Durban North area, you have amazing options to choose from… 

  • Andrea’s Italian Café prides itself in using only the freshest products. Where necessary, they do use imported Italian products, such as their Italian Spaghetti and Penne or home-made tagliatelle. All of their pizzas are homemade, with a thin base and cooked in a traditional wood oven. Book your spot or grab a takeaway – you won’t be sorry! 
  • Should your taste buds require something more oriental, why not try an authentic Chinese dish from China Plate. You could treat yourself to anything from dumplings, chop suey, fu yong, chow mein and much, much more…. 

For our Springfield residents, when you pop into Springfield Retail Centre, one will be spoilt for choice! 

  • Hollywood Bunny Bar, who are renowned for delivering delicious and authentic Indian cuisine, such as their award-winning Lamb Bunny signature dish, has proven to tantalise taste buds and has since brought the Hollywood Bunny Bar into many South African homes. They also offer quality meals by sourcing the best in local ingredients, to ensure that they can provide mouth-watering Indian dishes. They also offer a variety of breakfast and grill options as well. 
  • Yiroll CaffeBake are widely known for their delicious baguettes and coffee, and offer a delicious array of choices with their breakfast & brunch menus. Heading to Yiroll is a great way to start off the day with your family or friends. 

A rose or chocolate has never hurt anyone, so why not end off the day or night with one for the love of your life. 

Please note that all these restaurants follow and adhere to strict Covid-19 protocols.

Therefore, we ask that you please book in advance. 

And remember, visiting these restaurants can take place anytime during the “month of love”!