Friday, 06 December 2013

Bench Marks Foundation hails a true fighter against injustice and poverty

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The Bench Marks Foundation is deeply saddened by the death of the great activist against poverty and injustice, Nelson Mandela.

Says Bishop Jo Seoka, Chairperson of the Bench Marks Foundation: "Madiba was the champion for the oppressed.

"He fought his life for the freedom of our country, for this we are eternally grateful.

"Our hope is that our leaders carry on his legacy".

"We all have a renewed responsibility to fulfil his legacy of freedom," says John Capel, Executive Director for the organisation.

"This includes liberty for those who are oppressed by poverty and injustice and the growing inequalities that Nelson Mandela struggled so hard against.

"We hope that his legacy may now drive us to address our many social problems and that our leaders live by his example. Not to do so would be to blemish his name and what he stood for".

Rest in peace Madiba.