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Wednesday, 17 April 2013 17:55

Cross-Cultural Competence now available in South Africa

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Expertise on Intercultural Values and Behaviour in the global business field is now available for the internationally engaged South African Business Community

Daniel Tschudy, trainer, speaker and consultant in Cross Culture Competence, has recently launched specific education and consulting programs for South African companies, associations, and NGOs. As global citizen, having lived and worked in 8 metropolises on 3 continents, he offers first-hand knowledge and connections with people and nations on all continents; and how they feel, behave, speak and conduct their business. He merges his personal experience with the scientific findings of Richard Lewis, one of the original cross-culturists and author of the widely accepted academic standard reading material “When Cultures Collide”, of which over a million copies were sold.

In his consulting and education programs, Daniel Tschudy talks about the cultural types around the globe, their key characteristics, and their intercultural behaviours. Issues cover mentalities, manners & taboos, stereotypes, concept of status, listening habits, communication patterns, negotiations styles, and motivation factors. Audiences will receive an understanding about the importance and complexity of intercultural management, and how such knowledge can lead to successful international business proceedings. They will furthermore learn about how each individual can prepare and behave when facing a different cultural environment, not only based on respect and tolerance, but more so on a truly intercultural endorsement.

"Business quickly travels around the globe and South Africa is an excellent position to become a serious contender in the international business fields. It would think that it is fair to state, that South Africans can become better acquainted with the world beyond Britain and the USA. And I am therefore delighted to launch my services in South Africa - in the form of key-note speeches, presentations to corporate management groups, 1:1 consulting, and seminars." said Tschudy. South Africans enterprises doing business in unknown and distant new markets, such as for example Russia, Vietnam, China, or even New Zealand, can prepare their dealings better, can select their expatriates more efficiently, and can close agreements and contracts in a smoother and thus more successful way. Cross Culture Competence is useful when dealing with international staff, business partners, suppliers, and customers.

About Cross Culture Competence

In view of the fast spinning global business dimension, intercultural behaviours and communication have become complex and intensive topics. During the last century, global understanding was mainly about the differences between developed and developing countries; with language, race and religion as dominating comparisons. Today there are 200 countries and even more cultural groups and all of them swiftly connected.

Corporations, Associations and Political Institutions need to deal fast and smoothly within this demanding cross culture environment and the subsequent requirement to an ever increasing number of international dealings and, accordingly, of globally stationed expatriates. As much as those cultural backgrounds date back to several hundreds of generations, today’s challenge is about the immediate endorsement of each other. It is about each culture's understanding of life, time, space, self-awareness, leadership, and communication.

About Daniel Tschudy

Daniel Tschudy is a senior trainer, key-note speaker and consultant in Cross Culture Competence. During his longstanding career in the international hospitality- and tourism-industries, he has travelled around the world, lived and worked in 8 metropolises and become a global citizen. His topics are intercultural values and behaviour, international relations, the shifts from west to east and from south to north, and the global tourism-industries in general. He focuses on the emerging markets, such as the BRICS-states, and often features Africa. Daniel Tschudy, 58, is based in Zurich, Switzerland, and regularly present in South Africa.

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Daniel Tschudy
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