Monday, 25 July 2011

Muvhango star takes business world by storm

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Contact Details Name : Sane Ndlovu Company : Ndlovu-Kazi Communications Phone :083 4959 127 Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. URL : Actor turned businessman, Lebo Pelesane, demonstrates through his own business success that taking opportunities, and always focusing on how to improve, are key areas to ensure the success.
Beginning his business catering for business functions, Pelesane has found himself a top player in skills development through his keen eye for opportunity, whilst also continuing to make his mark on the silver screen. “Catering is the very first thing that I started doing when I went into business,” Pelesane explains. “Most of the time I was catering for companies that were conducting training or skills development. I told myself that I too could provide this service. Why should one company have to hire a caterer, a sound engineer and a trainer from 3 different places when they can get it from one company? I began to learn more about the field of training and skills development and the rest as they say is history.”Pelesane has come a long way in the last ten years. Beginning his career in 1999 on ‘Ke Nako’, Pelesane’s acting career continues to thrive today with the success of his own business Pelesana Trading Enterprises. The actor has worked to ensure that his acting and business careers complement each other by taking advantage of the opportunities he sees in both industries. “Opportunities are everywhere if you are open to them. The best investment that you can ever make is to invest in people. When you talk to people this is where all this information is revealed and this is where opportunity is born,” Pelesane says.With the recession not only impacting business and show-business alike, Pelesane feels that opportunities are an important part of success. Even through difficult financial times, Pelesane likes to look at things in a positive light and focus on how to turn potential into actual business. When asked how his career as a businessman and as an actor might affect his career, he explains, “Being a businessman has affected my acting career very positively. When you’re just an actor and not a businessman, you don’t understand that everything is part of a system and that all systems or departments work together to produce one great thing. You begin to see your job as a business as well. Things just don’t revolve around one actor.”

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