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Monday, 25 July 2011 17:07

Top Blogger Launches Celebrity-Packed DVD Collection in South African First

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Seth Rotherham, South Africa’s most infamous blogger, is set to fill Christmas stockings this year with the release of his celebrity-packed, humour-stuffed DVD collection. With appearances by a host of South Africa’s biggest names, from Helen Zille and Bob Skinstad to John Smit and Tracy McGregor, as well as international celebrities like Pauly Shore and Billy Zane, the DVD is sure to have South Africans clamouring for copies.
A first for the South African blogosphere, the 2009 2oceansvibe.com DVD carries all of the best side-splitting moments of the year on the multiple award-winning blog, including the entire 2oceansvibe Weather Girls series, the entire Pauly Shore series shot in Hollywood and what was undoubtedly the most-visited blog post of the year in Africa, the hysterical Randall Abrahams ‘IDOLS’ challenge which received exchanges between Seth and Randall Abrahams, Dave Thompson, Gareth Cliff and MNET itself. The Randall Abrahams “Rocky” video was watched over 150 000 times, which is staggering in a South African context, and won Rotherham Blog Post of the Year at the 2009 SA Blog Awards.

“So here it is, people”, says Rotherham. “You asked for it, and now you've got it. It's the 2009 2oceansvibe DVD. Not surprisingly, it's entitled "Touch Yourself" and contains so much stuff I honestly don't know where to begin. What's more, they're all presented in their original resolution, so you're getting improved picture quality too!”

Not one for resting on his laurels, Rotherham hopes to accompany all of his SA Blog Of The Year trophies with the number one selling South African DVD of the festive season. He says the decision to launch the DVD was driven by the overwhelming interest and discussion around the videos on 2oceansvibe.com. With all of the videos having been produced and distributed online over the year, one can’t expect all of his fans to have watched every single one, especially given the internet speed and access limitations in South Africa.

“I think there’s value in the DVD for the 2oceansvibe Weathergirls Shows alone, says Rotherham, “with models including The Cowley Sisters, Tracy McGregor, Lyndall Jarvis, Genevieve Morton and tons more beautiful angels. And that's not excluding the ones with Helen Zille and Goldfish and the other one with Bob Skinstad stripping down to his jocks! Some classic moments, I must admit!”

Along with all the other shows, there's also bonus footage section which includes the Cape Town Short Cuts video, as well as behind the scenes never-seen-before footage of all the 2oceansvibe characters - The TBG, Seth, The Dude, G-Man and the rest of the gang.

And the price?

“I had someone the other day tell me that they would pay R250 just for copies of all the Weather Girls”, says Rotherham. “Well, Thomas, there will be no need! Because you can get everything I have just mentioned and more for just R100. That's what a lot of people give car guards these days.”

No surprises there - he's gone and made it too easy for you again. It's basically just all a big joke…
The DVD is available online (of course) on the gift section of the Diletto.co.za site, here: http://www.diletto.co.za/acatalog/gifts_shop.html#a2OVdvd. All copies sold between now and Christmas are personally signed by Seth Rotherham, and the DVD will also be available to hire from all branches of DVD Nouveau.

Read more http://www.mediaweb.co.za/journalist/mnews_j_.asp?id=3821

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