Friday, 13 November 2009

Exclusive Getaways unveils new-look website

{pp}Website focuses on enhanced usability and informative content for a better user experience.

Exclusive Getaways, providers of luxury travel services in South Africa, has launched its revamped website, which has been innovatively redesigned. The site was improved upon to provide an even better platform for clients to access luxury holiday and travel information about South Africa. The re-launch also ties in with the company reaching its 19th year of making dream getaways become a reality for hundreds of happy travellers.

Exclusive Getaways provides bespoke travel services within the unforgettable landscapes of South Africa. The website showcases first-rate accommodation options that reflect the best of African hospitality - ultimate luxury within Africa's natural wonders.

Take a look at the improved Exclusive Getaways website to discover opulent South African safari lodges, hotels and guest houses, and book your South African getaway today.

Exclusive Getaways South Africa - What's new to the website
The Exclusive Getaways website has been revamped completely. The company wanted to improve the site's usability - that is, making the site easy for visitors to use.

The site has indeed become more user-friendly. It is far easier to navigate due to the implementation of clearly labelled links to pages with important information. The new site also features a clearer design, a less cluttered 'feel', and concise copy detailing the information that visitors require.

"A website that is not user friendly isn't listening to what its clients need, and any business not putting their clients first is taking risks," says Patsy Hayter of Exclusive Getaways. "We looked at our website from the perspective of our clients. We considered what they needed to make their experience on our site a simple one, and one that would deliver satisfaction through ease of use."


It is vital that a travel website ensures that visitors can find the information they require quickly, and without having to put effort into searching for it. The trick to making the site a hub of information on luxury travel and accommodation in South Africa was to be informative, yet concise and simple.

The look of the site was also updated during the recent re-launch. Images, as well as the overall presentation of the site, have been upgraded to a more modern design, with an emphasis on helping visitors to find information and visuals with ease. The design has been altered to add to the simple, no-fuss experience of using the Exclusive Getaways site.

New website, same high standards
"Our website may have changed, but the travel and accommodation options featured on the site are still of the highest quality. We are dedicated to providing first-rate luxury getaways in South Africa," says Hayter. "Clients can rest assured that Exclusive Getaways continues to offer leading travel services, and this shows in our dedication to excellence in our services and choice of establishments."

Make an Exclusive Getaways booking via the brand new website and enjoy a well-deserved break in one of South Africa's top holiday destinations.

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Exclusive Getaways in South Africa provides luxury travel and accommodation packages in South Africa. You can find and book your holiday of choice using its recently re-launched website.