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Monday, 02 November 2009 11:16

In2Structures Launches New SupaDome & AliDome Venues

{pp}Johannesburg-based In2Structures (part of the Gearhouse South Africa Group) launched two stunning new Dome structures in a special event at the GHSA Head Office in Bezuidenhout Valley, Johannesburg, South Africa.

The 36 metre wide, super sized and super strong SupaDome (SP) and the more intimately proportioned 18 metre wide AliDome are designed to augment either end of In2Structures’ current range of MaxiDome and Flat Truss Dome portable structures.

The 3-day launch event was designed as a walk-through experience and was attended by over 200 invited key individuals and decision makers from all areas of the events, sports, leisure and tourism industries. With a myriad of peripheral events scheduled for around next year’s soccer, and an increasing trend for major sporting and entertainment events to need a dynamic infrastructure of temporary spaces, the two new products are expected to make a high impact both in South Africa and internationally.

SupaDome A fully functional SupaDome was built for the launch. The new In2Structures flagship product retains the popular and highly aesthetically pleasing shape of the MaxiDome, but with an increased width and height - offering numerous possibilities for events requiring very large and beautiful spaces. The standard SP Dome width is an elegant 36 metre (external dimension) wide curve, with a variable length that can be added via strong modular 6 metre long sections (bays).

Each section is constructed from robust 800 x 300 mm trussing and has a weight loading capacity of 3 tonnes – making the SupaDome a highly dynamic technical space for flying scenic elements and lighting, sound and video equipment. The demonstration SupaDome was built with 6 bays plus 2 Dome ends, giving an impressive internal size of nearly 2000 square metres, measuring 68.70 metres long by 32.70 wide, with headroom of 16.23 metres – considerably more than many permanent venues!

A Mercedes Vito was suspended from two of the SupaDome arches. At 2.4 tonnes this effectively illustrated the weight-loading strength of each arch, which is one of the key features. On the opposite Dome end, a mezzanine level lounge area with a mass of 5 tons was suspended on 6 points. It could accommodate up to 60 people, resulting in an additional dynamic load of 6 tonnes. This In2Structures has invested in heavy duty Tri Keder extrusion to suit the wide spans and girder arrangements of the SP Dome, and the introduction of a fork-and-pin system dramatically speeds up build times, allowing a 3200 square metre SP Dome to be constructed in the same timeframe as a 2100 square metre MaxiDome.

AliDome The AliDome design evolved in conjunction with the development and manufacture of the SP Dome, in recognition of the need to offer marquee style spaces with vastly improved facilities, as part of a full range. The AliDome is made from aluminium extrusions and works on the same construction principles as the larger Dome. The current Ali Dome size is 18 metres wide with a height of 8.5 metres to its roof apex. It is a very efficient build of 3 – 4 hours (dependent on the base). An 18 metre diameter AliDome was built inside the SupaDome for the launch, featuring a variety of different skins, including a printed Johannesburg skyline combined with sky projections and transparent “window skins” – giving a good insight into the versatility of the cladding options and branding opportunities.

The compact dimensions of the AliDome, which seats just over 100 sitting in dinner or for cocktail format, 200 as a mini-cinema and 250 standing might be ideal for a comfortable heated or air conditioned VIP area, also with the option of clear membranes for good viewing. Huge Success In2Structures’ Linda Wijnberger comments on the launch, “Everyone attending received individual attention and a guided tour from our teams.

Their interests were greatly varied – some were purely technical, others wanted to appreciate how the different architecture and dynamics could facilitate an event or functions, while still others were looking for specific temporary venue solutions”. A wide cross-section of visitors, from production companies to promoters and event co-ordinators, stage managers, lighting and scenic designers, circus and casino operators, churches, car and truck companies, local government officials and event organisers, made the time to visit the venues. As with the other Domes in the In2Structures range, the SP Dome and AliDomes are available for sale or hire, and can also be completely customised. The launch created a huge buzz and generated many inquiries.

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