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Wednesday, 21 October 2009 18:17

Heritage Hotels in Cape Town: Hotels in historic buildings

{pp}The new Taj Cape Town brings opulence to the historic city centre.

For the sophisticated traveller, the Taj Cape Town hotel offers an exclusive accommodation experience. Combining luxury amenities with historic South African architecture, the hotel provides luxurious 5-star accommodation in the heart of the city. Here, in the famed "cathedral district" of Cape Town, guests will discover modern luxury housed in the grand buildings of yesteryear.
Set to become one of the city's foremost hospitality venues, the Taj Cape Town is a magnificent piece of architecture. The 176-roomed establishment, complete with private lounges, spas, cocktail bars and gourmet restaurants, seamlessly merges the old with the new. Occupying the buildings that once served as The South African Reserve Bank and the Board of Executors, the hotel blends the antique with the innovative to create an inspired accommodation venue in the Mother City.

Once completed, the Taj Cape Town – which is due to be unveiled in December 2009 - will cater for upmarket international and local clientele who wish to immerse themselves in Cape Town's culture, says Theo Cromhout, Sales and Marketing Manager for Taj Hotels in South Africa. "When the Taj opens, it will take this area to the next level. Thanks to its proximity to the vibrant inner-city, with its diversity of culture, art, entertainment, restaurants and rich heritage, it will provide guests with an authentic Cape Town experience."

Taj Hotels: Creating historic hotels for memorable travels
The Taj hotel in Cape Town is the latest project of the Indian Hotels Company Ltd (IHCL), a hotel group that seeks out landmark buildings around the world and transforms them into luxurious resorts. The Taj Cape Town marks the company's first investment in South Africa, with plans to extend its reach into Johannesburg and Durban.

By building upon existing architecture, the Taj group creates luxury hotels that showcase the architecture of eras past. Around the world, restored historic buildings provide an accommodation experience that is quite different from any other. From the Pierre in New York to the Exotica Resort in the Maldives, each of Taj's establishments embraces the heritage and hallmarks of its location.

At last, a luxury hotel in Cape Town's prime city location
The City of Cape Town has implemented a highly successful rejuvenation drive, which has included the development of the upmarket Mandela Rhodes Place, and the restoration of its iconic Greenmarket Square - the city's second-oldest square. It is here, in one of Cape Town's most historic enclaves, in which the IHCL chose to establish the Taj Cape Town. Thanks to the surge in entertainment and leisure activities in the city centre, the company believes there's never been a better time to establish its presence in the Mother City.

Guests of the Taj Hotel in Cape Town will be ideally positioned to access Cape Town's top entertainment venues, whilst enjoying the unmatched luxury and service for which Taj Hotels, Palaces and Resorts are internationally renowned.

Contact Information:
Taj Hotel - Cape Town
Tel: +27 21 426 4759
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Taj Hotels, Resorts and Palaces take pride in their unique and historic locations and dedication to luxury. Taj Cape Town is the first Taj Hotel in South Africa and provides luxury hotel accommodation in Cape Town\'s city centre within close proximity to a number of places of interest.

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