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Tuesday, 28 July 2020 16:40

Call for submissions: #SingForBEM talent search in PLK

Written by 
Founder of BEM, Raymond Shihawu

Call for submissions: talent search in PLK28 Jul 2020 South African company BEM is calling on all singers to enter its talent search. The talent search is a local campaign to find the best upcoming singers in Polokwane.“With the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic lock-down, the aim is to reach all the talented singers who are unable to perform live and assist them by hopefully still being discovered by the Def Bem Recordings talent scouts.

How to apply record a video of yourself singing your favourite song. Send your video to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or WhatsApp the company at +27 84 680 2063.

The A&R team at Def Bem Recordings will give feedback to each submission individually. All ages and genres are eligible to enter. There is no closing date or terms and conditions indicated for the talent search.BEM founder Raymond Shihawu wrote on Facebook: “Everyone is welcome. It’s all about the music… sing it.

So much great talent out there in Polokwane. Def Bem Recordings is one of Polokwane’s leading independent record and music publishing companies and provides a number of services including distribution, marketing, radio and television promotion, publicity and digital strategy. The record company has worked with many local and international artists in more than 10 years, including Vic Mash Lebanzy, SpaceMunna, Mlazah Lahzee, Bulinki, among many others.


Who we are Who We are We drive brand messages through various strategies employed through events, social media, public relations and performing arts. Mission To be an innovative and agile industry leading creative communications agency that attracts and retains accountable, passionate and reliable talent to produce era-defining work. By collaborating with our clients, we will build sustainable and meaningful relationships to create magic whilst keeping South Africa at the centre of it all. Vision To be the leading provider of valuable creative conversations between brands and the South African market. Values Honesty and Transparency; Confidentiality; Go above the call of duty within reason; ALWAYS DELIVER...and deliver WELL!

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