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Thursday, 06 February 2020 18:04

Live Wire – New Skills Hire Tool Improves Life for South Africans

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A retired woman shares a moment of magic while reading to the youngster she is childminding.

Live Wire – A unique South-Africa based networking and recruitment start-up has just launched its website and App platforms.

In the words of Founder, Jacqueline Baldwin, “Live Wire is a modern tool that rekindles the ‘good old days’ where community and support through the ages and stages of life results in a happier life for all!”For a Modern Day Demanding Household Lives today are dizzyingly demanding. The American Institute of Stress (AIS) reports that a whopping 83% of the collective workforce suffer from work-related stress.

Women are particularly susceptible to constant anxiety and tension due to the added responsibility of managing households and children. Live Wire offers just the kind of support working parents need, by providing long term or paid-by-hour help in a wide range of areas. All Live Wire Workers are over 40 years of age, so are mature and experienced helpers.

People can hire help in a number of daily chores such as Babysitting, Tutoring, Fetching and Carrying, Gardening, Nursing, Caregiving, DIY, Cooking, Baking, Pet walking, Animal care, Administrative assistance etc.You can browse the huge selection of services catered to by Live Wire on the website.For Retired or Semi-retired People with Skills and ExperienceThe opportunities of today tend to exclude those over 40.

These people are generally  left to their own devices to fulfill their psychological and monetary needs.  According to an International Psychogeriatrics study, three in four people of the 40-59 age group are lonely. It is not easy being on “the wrong side of 40” when it comes to securing a job.Live Wire is actively empowering these people who have skills, experience and time to offer by enabling them to connect with people who really need and value their contribution.

Live Wire allows a smooth and functional user experience offering Free registration that is quick and easy to complete. 300+ registrations within days of going live, attests to its appeal! Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.livewire.work for more information.

About LiveWire LiveWire was founded in 2019 by South Africa based, Jacqueline Baldwin. Confronting the reality of a stressed and burnt out ‘working’ population living alongside an increasingly lonely, bored and joyless ‘retired’ population, Jacqueline found inspiration for this app. LiveWire is a modern tool to rekindle the ‘good old days’ where community and support through the ages and stages of life results in ease of living, and a happier life for all!

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