01 August 2011

Creative Masters Tour - The first interactive rendezvous with international multimedia gurus

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Maurisoft, partner of reference for the sector of creativity in Mauritius, officially announced the Creative Masters Tour in Mauritius, scheduled for 23rd and 24th August at the “Centre Equilibre” in Trianon. At a press conference held on 14th July at the headquarters of Maurisoft in Phoenix, its Director, Mr. Nicolas Le Maire, confirmed the participation of some global multimedia tenors to the event, namely: Mohammed Jogie, Lisa Taylor and Harry Ravelomanantsoa.

"In organising the Creative Masters Tour, we aim at providing creative Mauritians of various trades with the opportunity to interact with professionals of global repute within the multimedia world", explains Nicolas Le Maire, Director of Maurisoft.

Maurisoft which has assigned itself the objective of boosting the sector of creativity and to bring value to creative jobs in Mauritius, is partnering with South-African Company Morning Star Design (MSD) to organise this Creative Masters Tour, an event that establishes an exchange forum between the Mauritius-based creative professionals and renowned international experts. These experts are coming over to share experiences in the field of multimedia creativity. "It is also a way to encourage them to move towards other possibilities of expression and to assert their creativity on more diverse media," adds Nicolas Le Maire.

"It is one thing to talk about the creativity of the Mauritians, but it is another to believe it's an investment sector that has got a future and from there create a company to service this sector. Maurisoft also has the merit of creating an event to bring together both the local talents and those who are making the trend at international level. We are therefore honoured to join this initiative of Maurisoft which is a Premiere in Mauritius", says Mohammed Jogie of MSD, the co-organiser of the Creative Masters Tour.

During this two-days Conference participants will have the opportunity to discover and familiarize themselves with software providing a wide range of solutions. Thus, video professionals will have sessions with Storyboard Pro, After Effect and Final Cut Pro. Those who are interested in 3D imaging with Autodesk will see developments made possible with Maya, 3DS Max and Artray. For iconographic resources, participants will find answers on CS5.5 Unplugged and during the Photoshop Hour session with techniques of drawing with Wacom. For press solutions, designers and printers will have sessions with InDesign and a session specially dedicated to the management of printing workflows. For the web, opportunities with Dreamweaver and HTML 5.0 will be addressed. The big news for this Conference lies in the inclusion of a session dedicated to animation, namely with solutions via Toon Boom.

"During these two days of conferences, famous creative tenors such as Madagascar-born Harry Ravelomanantsoa, Lisa Taylor who is coming from Sweden and Mohammed Jogie coming from South Africa", says Sonia Ozoux, Maurisoft marketing manager.

Mohammed Jogie is the Director of the South African company Morning Star Design and manages a portfolio of prestigious clients such as Woolworth, SA Reserve Bank, Saatchi & Saatchi and ABSA among others. Harry Ravelomanantsoa, is responsible for sales at Toon Boom Animation for the Africa region and the Indian Ocean. This master of 3D animation, winner of a Gold Award at the prestigious Los Angeles Promax Awards, will take the Mauritian creative professionals to a discovery tour of his universe. Furthermore, the presence of Lisa Taylor on the Creative Masters Tour will add some authority in the field of colour management. The strength of Lisa Taylor is to help determine the right choice of colours for campaigns of commercial products as well as the definition of corporate colours.

The normal price of the ticket per participant is Rs. 16,000 per day and Rs. 25,000 for the two days. The fee for members of the Adobe network is Rs. 15,000 per person per day and Rs. 21,000 per person for the two days. Maurisoft also offers a group package to members of the Adobe network (owners of genuine Adobe licences), who want to attend the Creative Masters Tour as a group. For a group of five people, the ticket amounts to Rs. 13,500 per person for a day and Rs. 18,900 for two days. Moreover, for those who come in groups of ten people, price per participant is Rs. 12,150 per day and Rs. 17,010 for the two days.

Maurisoft also offers a discount to academics, namely:

For a group of 10 students, the entry per participant is at Rs. 4,500 per day and Rs. 9,000 for two days
For a group of 20 students, the entry per person is fixed at Rs. 4,000 per day and Rs. 8000 for two days
For a group of 50 students, the entry per person is Rs. 2500 per day and Rs. 5000 for two days

For more information on the Creative Masters Tour, please contact Maurisoft on 601 28 25.

Maurisoft is the official representative of Adobe products and M-Audio in Mauritius, Indian Ocean islands and the French-speaking African countries. Maurisoft also represents the following brands: MixVibes, FileMaker, LaCie, Wacom, Pearson, Propellerhead, Jamhub, Novation, Rame, Focusrite and RME.

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