19 July 2022

Businesses Can Now Speak For Themselves

Submitted by Hendrik Baird
Businesses Can Now Speak For Themselves

Podcasting is barely 18 years old, yet it has shown phenomenal growth, especially during the pandemic. How can a business take advantage of this new media form?

Podcasting is a convenient media form, as it does not tie the listener down to watching a screen. You can listen to a podcast while you jog, drive to work and back, or prepare a meal. The fact that you can multitask while listening allows the listener to get information while they continue their lives.

With over 2 million podcasts available and people becoming more aware of podcasting than ever before, now if the time for businesses to harness the potential of this new media form. Take into consideration that in the US alone, almost 60% of consumers listen to podcasts, the value it can bring to any business is abundantly clear. 

80% of podcast listeners stay tuned for most or all of an episode, beating video and written material by a mile and a half. Not everyone has the time to read a long blog article or watch a video. Podcasting has become a great way to reach people when they are away from their computer screens.

The estimated income from podcasting is expected to pass the $2 billion mark this year, so any business who uses this medium is bound to get positive results. Podcasting has many benefits, such as building a personal connection between the listener and the podcast host. People buy products and services from those they know and trust. Podcasting has the ability to convert listeners into customers, provided the listener feels they are getting value form the podcast.

The barrier for entry into the world of podcasting is low, meaning it is easy to get started. Using this highly engaging media form, a business can build more brand authority, ultimately resulting in additional revenue streams. Podcasts lend themselves to repurposing, which is great news for any content marketing campaign.

While podcasting can be a highly effective medium for a business, not everyone has the talent, expertise, and time to produce their own podcast. Small and medium businesses cannot always afford a fully fledged weekly series. It is for this reason that Baird Media has introduced a new podcast series aimed squarely at small and medium businesses.

Called Meet My Business, this podcast aims to create a podcast-based business directory, which is a new idea that holds a lot of promise. The series is currently in production and will launch early in October 2022.

There are three options to choose from, depending how much repurposed content is required from the podcast episode. Each episode will showcase a different business, which will eventually be put into a directory, making it easy to browse and to find the perfect company to solve a customer's needs. 

To showcase your business, visit the website Baird.Media. Choose your option, reserve a date and time, and you will receive a script to help prepare for the interview.

Hendrik Baird, one of the two directors at Baird Media, says, "With the current loss of customers due to the rising cost of living, businesses who take advantage of this podcast are sure to see marked results. There is no time like the present to take advantage of this podcast to boost your business."

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At Baird Media, we know you want to be Content Royalty. To wear that crown, you need to produce regular content so that more people become aware of your brand. The problem is that content marketing has become complicated, which makes it frustrating to come up with an executable strategy. We understand what it's like to not have enough time to take care of your day-to-day business and still produce quality content. What if I were to tell you that producing a limited series podcast can be the solution to all your content woes? Here at Baird Media, we believe you deserve a partner to help you produce a quality podcast series that can easily be repurposed into all the other content you need for your marketing campaign. This is why we developed the Purposefully Repurposed for Profit system, based on our extensive experience in media and radio.