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Wednesday, 08 October 2014 00:21

Cybatar officially launched

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This day marks the launch of, a new social network created by another internet start up company. Cybatar enters the social networking market not to try and substitute Facebook and Twitter but to offer a few features which are not available on them.

The social network is not in a competition and is in it for the long-run. The company responsible for the product believe that the website will offer users convenience and will also ease communication between people all over the world.The website, being built through open source software caters for both Facebook and Twitter users.

It offers an in between service and also carries other features. Users will not only be able to share audio, video and image files but will also be able to share document files which brings relief to users and cuts the extensive need for email.The company promises a quality product and believes that users will enjoy "cybing".

Visit to register your account today.

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