Thursday, 20 September 2012

Development of Star Shop

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During development of Star Shop, special attention was allocated to make the registration process as easy as possible. Simplification to the extent that only the most important information is needed for such a registration. This important information represents the minimum required information to enable you to successfully register the shop.

The Star Link - Star Shop is the future of business transactions today. Getting started with Star Link is hassle free and user friendly. Why is the registration of your business on this directory so important? Upon opening a Star Shop, everyone can view your products and services with the prospect on executing online purchase as well. The purchased products can then be conveniently delivered to the client.
This makes it easier for the potential customer to find what they are looking for in the convenience of their own home or business, without having to go to the shops. This is the most convenient and cost effective manner of reaching out to your clients and create a professional portfolio with them.

It is very important to register your company details correctly. It must be correctly categorized, for example, manufacturing, security, billboards, etc...Choosing the correct industry will ultimately determines where your shop will be listed. This will then enable clients to search for your shop in the correct category as defined by the industry it resorts by. The location of your business is also very important because the program filters the search to a specific area.
When clients then select the industry and a country, your shop will then be found quickly.

An enquiry form is a standard feature with each Star Shop. This enquiry form will allow clients to request any product or services enquiries or supply any other information they would like to share with the company. When registering a Star Shop it is highly required to complete the correct email address, should this be incorrect the email will fail and there will be no communication from the shop, thus missing out on that sale. Due to the importance of contact details, the Star Shop system will not register your shop if no email address is provided. In this instance the focus will be set to the required field for completion.

However this information can be changed and or updated within the cms (content management system) at any time as many times as you might require.

Upon completion of the Star Shop registration, a screen will appear, displaying the business name and shop number. A confirmation message to verify the login details necessary for the cms dashboard, will then appear, stating that such an email has been sent to the indicated business email address.

The username and password are changeable at any time via the cms.

At the bottom of the screen, you will find the login area. Complete your username, password, email address and shop number to gain access to the cms and start customizing and uploading content on the Star Shop. Once you are logged into the cms, you can also make payments by clicking on the "payments" button.

Star Link is growing on a daily basis and we hope to see your business here soon.