Monday, 03 September 2012

Women in Tech – Keeping the Conversation Going

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There has been a great amount of debate around women's leadership issues. From representation at a senior management level, to speakers at conferences, one thing is clear – the conversation is far from over.

There are many skills needed in South Africa today, and technology remains one of the most neglected. Female empowerment continues to be high on the agenda and it is easy to see why. Debby Edelstein, MD of QualityLife Company believes that we have still have a long road ahead. "We've come a long way but you just have to look at the representation of women on boards and at the still male dominated line-ups of leadership conferences to see why this conversation is still so essential."

It is for this reason that the QualityLife Company will once again present a star-studded line-up at their second Annual Wired Women Conference in Johannesburg in September 2012. The conference aims to stimulate debate and bring together a gathering of some of the most passionate and talented women in tech, start-ups, corporates and social media in South Africa.

As Edelstein explains "There's been a flurry of articles recently about how important it is for women to play a role in the alleviation of poverty in Africa by becoming more high profile in entrepreneurship and in the digital economy. There's increasing attention too as to how important it is for girls to do Science and Maths at school" With these growing needs in mind, QualityLife Company launched the inaugural Wired Women Conference last year.

These "Women Who Tech" will talk about breaking new ground in technology and about how they use their tech savvy skills to transform their world and inspire change. These trailblazers are embracing technology and visionary leadership to create new work opportunities and to find new ways of collaborating. In the process they're creating wealth, influence - and most importantly changing lives.

Diversifying the tech sector is the one of the main inspirations behind the annual Wired Women Conference.

The conference will showcase women thought leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators who are working with technology and will identify inspiring ways for more women to do the same.

The conference design reflects QualityLifeCompany's commitment to learning through conversation and networking – a formula that they have perfected in their flagship Annual Women's leadership conference which takes place in May every year.

"We understand the importance of attracting delegates with a star-studded line-up but are committed too to creating space for networking and collaborative learning among our delegates. Sometimes the best learnings come from people we meet over coffee breaks!" says Edelstein.

There is a growing demand for events that cater for women in the technological fields. Events such as Girl Geek Dinners, a bi-monthly networking forum for women, have proven to be extremely successful. When it comes to the representation of women at conference and events, Edelstein says this: "I'd like to suggest that it's not about a quota system that might dilute an otherwise interesting line-up. It's about the role that half the population can play in using technology to change the world"

The Annual Wired Women Conference takes place on the 13th and 14th of September 2012. For more information, visit: