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ICT industry growth vital for overall economic development in SA

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Adapt IT Holdings has released its first interim results since the notable merger between three KZN-based ICT companies last year. Though a tough year economically, the company has proven that South Africa is ready for a dynamic, home grown business to support its ICT requirements.
As a relatively new contender, AdaptIT is not only up against a turbulent economic climate, but also well-established competition. Chief Executive Officer Sbu Shabalala responds, "Not only do we work in niche markets, but we usually aim to cooperate with our competition wherever possible. Our unique skills in software development and implementation enable this, whereas our competitors are mostly in the networking and commodity IT space."

Offering Open Source technology in addition to that of the global giants MicroSoft and Oracle, AdaptIT is progressive and dynamic, already servicing clients in eight countries. Their passion also extends to bridging the digital divide through enabling eGovernment Services.

"The ICT industry is a key growth area for the continued development of the economy in South Africa," Shabalala comments. "AdaptIT strives for high quality service so that clients are in turn able to run their own businesses efficiently."

The notion that the ICT industry has major opportunities to become an economic driver in South Africa is supported by a industry commentators. This requires recognition of the industry’s importance by both government and business owners alike.

Yet analysts report that the ICT industry may suffer in 2009 due to a skills shortage predicted to be as large as 25%. This is attributed in part to the fact that domestic supply is far below demand. Deep skills are even scarcer than entry level skills.

Insightfully, AdaptIT Holdings has taken steps to ensure that staff are highly valued, attracting the best in the industry to its fold and keeping them. "The company values its staff and strives to ensure that each employee has a strong sense of purpose, identity and belonging in shaping our success as a company of the future," says Shabalala.

Through the merger last year, AdaptIT has not only diversified its offerings to encompass total software solutions and technology, it also stands out because of its high empowerment score, putting it in the top 20 most empowered companies on the JSE. The company values diversity and has a collective vision for transformation.

2008 has been a difficult year for most industries in South Africa, as well as worldwide. The ICT industry is not exempt. "The timing of the merger helped since we needed to look inwards at our operational efficiency and internal alignment. Also, the effects of what is now a diversified service offering has come to our aid as far as coping under the difficult economic climate is concerned. Our strategy will always be to maintain relationships with our existing clients and this is definitely reflected in our results," says Shabalala.

The last six months have seen AdaptIT hard at work to create the necessary internal structures to succeed within the market place. AdaptIT Holdings is growing from strength to strength and looks set to shine.


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