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Tuesday, 11 August 2009 18:13

Tufin joins Juniper Networks J-Partner Program

{pp}Tufin, represented locally by Blue Turtle Technologies, has joined the Juniper Networks J-Partner Program – that ensures partners are able to offer flexible and optimised solutions to end-users that extend the value of Juniper Networks’ solutions.

According to Martyn Healy, Marketing Director, Blue Turtle Technologies, Tufin’s new status as a solutions alliance partner in the Juniper Networks J-Partner Program reinforces the company’s focus on providing customers with the most comprehensive security solutions. “Providing network security for any large organisation is a challenge, especially considering the amount of information that is generated, the number of locations a company can occupy, as well as the stringent compliance issues that need to be adhered to.” Tufin’s flagship product, SecureTrack, is a firewall operations management solution that is available in a version specifically designed for use with Juniper Networks.

SecureTrack seamlessly integrates with Juniper Networks firewall / VPN solutions and products, offering users enhanced security while reducing service interruptions and automating day-to-day tasks. “Tufin SecureTrack solution for Juniper Networks firewall operations management automates and simplifies firewall change management and security policy compliance,” says Healy. The solution provides a unified, top-down view of Juniper Networks firewalls in order to manage change, secure risks and ensure compliance. It offers organisations the benefits of reduction of manual, error-prone tasks, improved network security, assurance of business continuity and improved risk management.

About Blue Turtle Technologies
Blue Turtle Technologies provides and supports best-in-class software solutions that optimise, enhance and leverage existing IT investment and assist in the cost-effective delivery of new technology. The company offers an extensive product range, sourced through its strategic partnerships with leading local and international software providers, augmented by best-practice implementation services. About Tufin Technologies Tufin Technologies is the leading provider of Security Lifecycle Management solutions that enable large organizations to enhance security, ensure business continuity and increase operational efficiency. Tufin's products SecureTrack™ and SecureChange™ Workflow help security operations teams to manage change, minimize risks and dramatically reduce manual, repetitive tasks through automation.

With a combination of accuracy and simplicity, Tufin empowers security officers to perform reliable audits and demonstrate compliance with corporate and government standards. Founded in 2005 by leading firewall and business systems experts, Tufin now serves 300 customers around the world, including leading financial institutions, telecom service providers, transportation, energy and pharmaceutical companies.

Contact information:
Blue Turtle Technologies
Enquiries: Martyn Healy
Tel: 011 206 5600
Fax: 011 206 5606

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