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Friday, 15 May 2009 23:49

Reduce PC Power Consumption by up to 90% with Desktop Virtualisation

{pp}Reducing the energy consumed by computer information systems, is set to become a major priority for South African business this year, with a proposed 34% rate increase by Eskom, and the possible introduction of tariff-based penalties and government regulation. Userful Multiplier is a software product that will address this problem by replacing up to 10 desktop PCs with a single machine and cut power consumption by up to 90%.

Userful Multiplier is the award winning software that turns 1 PC into 10 workstations, produced by the Canadian based Userful Corporation. Jumping Bean, a Johannesburg based, IT Solutions company was recently appointed as Userful's South African partner.

Userful recently won international attention with its successful roll out of 350 000 Linux workstations for schools in Brazil, as part of the Brazilian's governments initiative to provide access to computers for all children of school going age. The solution enabled the Brazilian government to save up to 60% in up-front costs, 80% in annual energy consumption with additional savings in ongoing administration and support costs, as compared to a traditional PC-per-workstation solution. “We are proud of our accomplishments in Brazil and hope to achieve the same savings in other developing economies throughout the world, including South Africa,” said Darlene Parker, Userful's Partner Development Manager.

“With Userful Multiplier and support locally available, South African's can now take advantage of this innovate product, with confidence,” commented Mark Clarke solutions architect at Green Computing, a division of Jumping Bean, Userful's South African partner. “Each workstations has its own keyboard, mouse, screen and audio, allowing users to work as if they had their own desktop. Just goes to show how much power is actually going to waste on the majority of desktop machines that have been rolled out in corporates today,” said Mr Clarke when explaining the benefit of the Userful product.

Userful Multiplier hopes to continue to gain significant market share in emerging market economies with government, educational institutions and corporates being the sectors most likely to benefit from this unique product.

Contact information:
Jumping Bean website
Unit 3 Appian Place,
373 Kent Avenue,
South Africa
+27-11-781 8014

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