Friday, 17 July 2020

Logistics Systems Engineering continues to provide the gold standard in cold storage solutions

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LSE Mobile Racking

Anyone who owns a cold and frozen goods storage warehouse or operates within the refrigerated warehousing industry is well aware of the unique challenges the industry faces. One of the biggest challenges in cold storage is ensuring you maintain the right temperatures in an energy-efficient, cost-effective way. The efficient use of warehouse space is crucial. Logistics Systems Engineering (LSE) is a leading supplier of warehouse storage solutions across sub-Saharan Africa and the Exclusive Distributor of Gonvarri Material Handling which includes the Constructor range of cold and frozen storage solutions.

The LSE range of high-density and optimised storage solutions, which includes semi-automated pallet racking systems, maximises space configuration in cold and frozen storage warehouses significantly. By increasing storage capacity by up to 120%, and saving up to 90% of space usually required by conventional pallet racking, the refrigerated area footprint is minimised to reduce the overall energy costs of constant cooling.

 LSE’s range of refrigerated warehousing systems allows operators to minimise the size and footprint of cold storage facilities, ensure high product-density, and automate operations to maintain temperatures as efficiently as possible. The LSE range offers automated, long-term solutions for increased storage capacity and space configuration in warehouses operating as cold as -40°C.

 Mobile Pallet Racking

LSE’s Mobile Pallet Racking for cold and frozen goods reduces energy bills in cold storage facilities by utilising up to 80% of the storage space and increasing storage capacity by up to 120%. The system is unique in that it is the only high-density system that provides 100% individual pallet access to any pallet at any time, removing the need to move any pallet to access the required load. LSE’s heavy-duty mobile pallet racking system is electronically controlled and designed with best of breed PLCs and inverters to ensure smooth and safe operation. This is also the only Mobile System that comes standard with remote assistance. It can carry loads of up to 2 000 tons per base and 30 tons per trolley. The design and safety of the system is in accordance with CE Directive 2006/42/EG and DIN EN 15095, giving customers the comfort of knowing the highest safety standards in the world have been maintained along with energy-efficient storage.

Drive-In Racking

LSE’s Drive-In Racking is ideal for storing large quantities of homogenous products. With this system, space is utilised up to 90% more effectively compared to conventional pallet storage systems. Offering more pallets stored per cubic metre than any other cold storage system, this system operates mainly by means of the FILO (First-In, Last-Out) principle.

Pallet Flow Solutions

LSE’s Pallet Flow Racking delivers First-in, First-out (FIFO) operation, allowing automatic stock rotation for products and goods that require a high rate of turnover. The system utilises up to 60% less floor space than conventional pallet racking, and, with only one fork truck aisle required on either end, this solution delivers a higher speed of operation to any in the range.

Pallet Shuttle Systems

LSE’s Pallet Shuttle system removes the need for specialist forklift trucks and eliminates any travel within the Racking. This lowers the risk to operating staff and damage to equipment, machinery, Racking and customer products. The Pallet Shuttle system provides an efficient and compact cold storage solution that saves on time and manpower. It turns your Drive-In Racking into a semi-automated and efficient storage system that can operate automatically as a FIFO or FILO system.

 LSE provides leading temperature-controlled cold storage solutions that deliver the perfect balance between European design and African application. “Whatever your cold storage needs, whether you are looking to upgrade an existing cold storage installation, or implement a new system to be more effective and efficient, LSE has the ideal cold storage solution,” says CEO Fred Albrecht.

LSE cold storage solutions enable operators to better control warehouse temperatures. By prioritising space optimisation and energy efficiency, LSE cold storage solutions maximise ROI according to client requirements.

 LSE has more than 25 years of experience in South Africa and has a vast network of partners and associates that can provide customers with turnkey storage solutions. For more information about Logistics Systems Engineering, visit, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0861 61 61 61.

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