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Wednesday, 13 February 2019 07:22

RubiBlue digitises member management with easiClique platform

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RubiBlue, intelligent business solutions provider, has developed a digital solution that transforms membership management for organisations. easiClique is a customisable software platform that allows companies across multiple industries to effectively control all aspects of membership from communications to reporting to invoicing to notifications, and more. It simplifies how organisations, NGOs and government bodies build, maintain and access their members.

“easiClique provides comprehensive reporting, annual comparisons, mass communications, efficient and secure membership fee management, and a clear audit trail,” says Chris Ogden, MD, RubiBlue. “Organisations across multiple industries – sports and professional associations, societies, alumni, political parties and unions – can tailor the application to allow for greater control of members and their data.”

The easiClique platform includes numerous features that can be used to effectively engage with existing and potential members of an organisation such as online applications, personalised member communications, automated notifications and easy payment options. It’s capable of generating comprehensive reports on member data, annual analytics and revenue while also easing the management of financial transactions with automated bulk invoicing.

It is flexible and can be customised to suit industry and brand.  In addition to features that are specifically designed to enhance member engagement and management, easiClique has built-in security features to mitigate the risk of fraud. It audits all transactions and it allows for consumers a variety of payment options - all retail stores, debit orders, and card and cash payments.

The solution assures organisations and members of increased transparency into membership administration.

To find out more about easiClique and how it can transform member management for your business visit, call +27 (0) 861 48 48 99, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

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