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Tuesday, 16 October 2018 12:41


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talks project management, career growth and a resilient approach to building SA

“Diversity and lighting the fire to succeed is what will take our country forward, onward and upward.  The same is being said about Alteram Solutions.  It is about embracing our diversity and making a success of our business, our projects and ultimately contributing to our country.  What we put in is what we get out!”, this is according to Ronald Soomar, Senior IT Project Manager. 

Soomar joined Alteram Solutions as a Senior IT Project Manager in 2016 – he is key to the understanding the scope of the project, the workload and the tasks that need to be undertaken.    Soomar is also responsible for engaging with all stakeholders on both the client and supply side to make sure that all deliverables are communicated clearly.  With the assistance of technical experts, he facilitates and implements solutions to solve real business problems.

Alteram Solutions is a dynamic, black owned and managed ICT (Information and Communication Technology) services and solutions provider and embraces all cultures, all creeds and promotes a culture of tolerance, understanding and success for all employees and clients.  Alteram is actively involved in a range of projects for clients in the corporate and government sectors.

 Soomar continues: “Having been with Alteram Solutions since 2016, I have seen changes, changes that I have embraced, and I think that is a vital part of my job – embracing change – because it happens so quickly in this environment.  In fact, I believe that if I have a super power…my super power is that I am resilient and will not falter under any pressure.  I love working with and harnessing the untapped energy in people.  I am able to build lasting and trusting relationships that help me fulfil requirements and deliver projects within the assigned timelines,” says Soomar.

Soomar believes that in a year from now, he will be proud to have built a young, ambitious and robust team that can handle any project going forward, irrespective of the size or complexity.  He expects that his team would have commenced new projects with customers being drawn to Alteram Solutions due to its success.

Soomar was recently intrinsically involved in improving the SAP C4C (Cloud 4 Customer) and ECC6 (Enterprise Central Components) Integration Project and while the interface that they were presented with appeared problematic and costly, Soomar and his team were able to develop a separate in-house tool to transmit data between systems on a more regular and reliable basis.  This has helped improve the integration process – making it efficient, reliable, simpler to operate and more cost effective.

“We owe most of our success to the team effort.  I am very proud of the project team at Alteram Solutions for continuously proving on a number of occasions that making things better and more efficient without sacrificing quality is possible.  The integration between multiple systems across a complex yet secure network landscape would not have been possible without innovative ideas coming from the project team,” adds Soomar.

Soomar spends all week at Alteram Solutions ensuring that projects are tracked according to schedule and integrating all resources into working harmoniously on the projects.  His weekends are dedicated to spending time with his spouse and two grandchildren or playing golf with his friends.

Apart from project management books, Soomar enjoys reading books on economics, history and finance.  He just recently finished reading The Monetary Economics - a book that focuses on the history of money and the banking sector.

“I am so grateful to Alteram Solutions for affording me the opportunity to grow within my profession.  I would like to encourage all young people to apply their minds and grasp opportunities as soon as they come so that they too can grow to be the best that they can,” concludes Soomar.

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Notes to the editor

Alteram Solutions is a dynamic, black owned and managed level 2 B-BBEE ICT (Information and Communication Technology) services and solutions provider.  Established in 2013 with a rapid growth rate over the years, the organisation continuously seeks to assist companies achieve their business goals through custom designed and integrated technology services.  With a passion for what they do, the team at Alteram Solutions comprises of qualified and dedicated professionals that boast an extensive amount of experience across a broad spectrum of IT (Information Technology) services and solutions. 

Alteram Solutions is actively involved in projects for clients such as Swazi Bank, Department of Water Affairs, DHL Express, Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Phumelela Municipality, Amathole District Municipality, Rand Water, Connection Telecom, Joburg Market and Smollan to name a few. 

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