28 January 2019

Recommendations to Reduce Risk of Children Drowning in Swimming Pools

Submitted by Dennis

CVP Projects has ameliorated its client satisfaction standards by incorporating modern standards in swimming pool designs in a bid to reduce chances of children drowning.

Johannesburg, South Africa, 29th Jan 2019 – Drowning statistics in South Africa indicate that more than one child drowns every day. A large number of them are below 14 years or age and most of them drown in pools. As a homeowner, you need to go to great lengths to find the best way to keep prevent such an ordeal from happening to your loved ones.

In the wake of the release of these statistics, Mr. Rendani Mashau, the owner of CVP Projects and Swimming Pools, which is a company that operates in Johannesburg and Pretoria, advised the general public to take more consideration in their swimming pool designs. He advised them that no matter the design or the location of the pool, it is necessary to incorporate measures to prevent your children from accessing the pool.

“Anyone with any child can be affected by pediatric drowning,” Mr. Rendani said, “and it is our duty as parents and swimming pool constructors to ensure that these little angels don’t fall victim to pediatric drowning.”

Drowning can occur in both children who have learnt how to swim and those who are too young to start taking swimming lessons. When you are with children around a body of water, it is critical for you not to be distracted.

However, when you are away, you need a measure to prevent kids from reaching the pool area. According to Mr. Mashau, the best way to do it is to implement a good fence around your pool. Previously, most people were reluctant to install fences around pools due to aesthetics. However, with the modern fencing options, you can make your pool fence part of your home’s décor.

Parents and guardians should also take an extra step to ensure that doors and gates are locked and that children don’t get access to water bodies without the presence of an adult. Remember that children love water and pools aren’t the only places they can drown. It is, therefore, important to take extra care and ensure that your toddlers aren’t around any source of water by themselves.

For detailed information about the company, please visit: http://www.cvpprojects-swimmingpools.com/.

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