05 November 2021

Precision Engineering: What is it?

Submitted by Chemarin Rabe
Precision Engineering: What is it?

Precision engineering entails using a range of machinery, such as CNC lathe and milling machines, to produce various bespoke parts and components. By using multiple materials and techniques, industry experts can manufacture a wide range of features suitable for almost any use thinkable. Some of the most common materials used include titanium, different kinds of steel, non-ferrous metals and plastics.

Gullwing Engineering has been in the General and Precision Engineering Industry for over 30 years. We are located in Montague Gardens, in the Cape Town area, but can deliver our parts internationally. Our expertise lies in the manufacturing of precision-engineered parts and components according to the requirements of our customers. We aim to consistently provide high-quality services and complete each project with diligence to ensure that it is done on time and within budget.

Precision Engineering from industry experts

Our company was established in 1989 by Dennis and Desiree Powell. The objective was to fill the demand for engineering parts and components in South Africa. In 1990, Alan Powell joined the Gullwing team. Initially, Gullwing’s work existed mostly in designing, making and refurbishing surgical instruments. Today, the focus has broadened, with greater concentration on general and precision components for various applications.

We do both long and short term projects, with a preference for large scale manufacturing. To ensure that a client is satisfied with the product before full-scale production starts, we create a prototype of each component to enable clients to examine and test the manufactured parts. Only once the client is satisfied, we continue with the production.

Specialist engineering services

We have at our disposal an excellent range of professional engineering machinery. CNC (Computerised Numerical Controlled) Milling allows us to produce a variety of components made from different kinds of steel at a fast rate. Our milling machinery combines both drilling and cutting techniques. Using cylindric cutting tools, our CNC milling machine can move along different axes, creating unique designs and shapes. This revolutionary machine is responsible for creating customised designs, which are unable to be created by hand.

Our CNC Lathe (also known as GNC Turning) machines, combined with the latest EdgeCAM Part Modeler and EdgeCAM Solid Machinist Max technology, can produce practically any component required by a client. This machine can turn up to 350mm in diameter, allowing it to drill, tap and mill components from the side and the ends. Bar feeders are installed onto these machines, allowing us to feed material into the machine continuously. This makes the CNC Lathe machine extremely productive, delivering high-quality products with expert finishes.

The professional press machinery on our premises allows us to complete a variety of cropped components, as well as expertly pressed sheet metal products. Our machines are accustomed to various capacities and can handle anything from 5 to 105 tons. These varying capacities allow us to produce various shapes from a single piece of sheet metal. This work is handled with precision and accuracy to deliver an excellent result with minimal wastage. We accept both short and long-run production with our press machines.

The team at Gullwing is expertly trained to handle the manufacturing of any component thinkable. If you are looking for precision engineering services at competitive prices, we are ready to help.

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