18 April 2019


Submitted by Monique Holtzhausen

Plastics|SA shared updates and latest developments within its training division with a series of well-attended breakfast sessions held around the country recently.  The theme of this year’s breakfasts was ‘Curiosity: the path to life-long learning’.

Purpose of the sessions

Explaining the purpose of hosting these annual information-sharing sessions, Kirtida Bhana, Training Executive at Plastics|SA says: “These breakfasts provide the ideal platform to connect with our past, current and potential clients at the beginning of each year.  It also allows us to highlight exciting activities in the training division, discuss the latest trends affecting their day-to-day business and identify any specific training needs they might have. The inspiring theme and related insights offered the attendees ‘food for thought’, rather than simply more information.

Training successes

The success of Plastics|SA’s training offerings is clear to see in the more than 3,500 students that successfully completed their training this past year at the company’s training centres in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban.  “We have been working hard to create oases of learning at each of these centres by upgrading facilities and equipment that will facilitate hands-on training and practical experience,” Kirtida adds. Commenting on the success of Plastics|SA’s training offering in their business, Geraldine Booyse of Bars Pharmaceuticals had this to say: “The content of the training modules is very interesting and the staff are very knowledgeable.  They are able to share their expertise with students across different industries, keep our students motivated and boost their morale”. Michael Noel, an Engineer at Volkswagen who has benefitted from the Raw Materials Programmes at Plastics|SA, added his observation too.  He said that Plastics|SA’s trainers have a real understanding of the industry; the students’ needs and how to impart much-needed knowledge in a practical and flexible way.

New and updated programmes 

1.  New Programme

Plastics|SA added one new programme to its training curriculum for 2018:

Generic Management – a qualification targeting managers, supervisors and all learners who have completed the NQF 4 and Supervisory Management Programmes.  Each Learning Programme addresses the outcomes required for specific Unit Standards included in the National Certificate Generic Management – Generic Manufacturing on NQF 5.It consists of  the following 5 phases – each of which  can be completed separately:    

  • Phase 1:Workforce Management
  • Phase 2:Workplace Operations, Change Management and Communication
  • Phase 3:Workplace Risk, Coaching and Knowledge Management
  • Phase 4:Workplace Process Optimisation and Efficiencies
  • Phase 5: Workplace Project Management and Finances  

Programme updates: Welding – addressing a growing need for training thermoplastic welders, Plastics|SA offers NQF2 -Welding in Thermoplastic Fabrication training at its premises in Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban, as well as at companies’ premises. Plastics|SA has done training countrywide in South Africa, as well as in countries such as Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi, Madagascar and Lesotho.The following is covered: Butt (HDPE) weldingElectro-fusion weldingHot Air weldingHot Air Extrusion weldingSocket Fusion welding: For pipes and fittingsSolvent Cement weldingOverlap welding 

Setter skills – originally this Trade Qualification was developed at an NQF Level 4, but has now been reviewed and reworked to an NQF Level 5. Part Qualifications to the trade in the following processes have been developed at an NQF Level 4 viz. Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding and Pipe and Profile Extrusion.

Online learning – aimed at filling certain gaps in the market for soft skills, these online learning offerings were developed by Cross Knowledge in the UK.​The programmes aim to transform employees and drive business results and refine and develop soft skills that could give you the competitive edge!  ​Companies are able to purchase licences (one per user), which gives them access to 124 programmes that can be completed in their own time and at their own pace.

Production Technology - The National Certificate in Production Technology NQF Level 2 is a combination of learning outcomes that will provide the qualifying learner with vocational knowledge and skills appropriate to the context of production technology. This is the first qualification in a series of qualifications.

New extruders and blow moulders – Plastics|SA has added 3 new pipe and profile extruders and 3 new blow moulders in all 3 of our facilities around the country. 

Conclusion: “We take great pride in offering our customers specialized, customized and contextualized material that addresses their individual needs and those of their workforce.  It is hugely rewarding to receive feedback from our customers and the students that we have trained, but this does not mean that we get too comfortable.On the contrary, it inspires us to work even harder and refine our “pockets of excellence” through continuous improvement of training expertise in the various areas”, Kirtida concludes. For more information about the training programmes on offer at Plastics|SA, please visit their website at www.plasticsinfo.co.za/training.