05 July 2022

Modena Launches Autodesk Innovyze Product Specialisation to Water and Waste Industry

Submitted by Amanda Kemp
Modena Launches Autodesk Innovyze Product Specialisation to Water and Waste Industry

Modena Design Centres is pleased to announce that it is the first Autodesk partner in Africa to specialise in the sale and implementation of Innovyze product solutions. In March 2021, Autodesk acquired Innovyze for $1 Billion to further expand its value proposition to the water industry.

By adding Innovyze solutions to their existing Autodesk portfolio, Modena is uniquely positioned to offer the South African water and wastewater industry a product used by top international design firms, and leading environmental and engineering consultancies. 

“There are over 20 major water and sanitation projects underway across South Africa and according to the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWC) they are all behind schedule. These projects are vital for the growth of the South African economy and unforeseen delays, cost overruns and design errors can be avoided when a product like Innovyze is used from the start of the project” says Cadi McKnight, director of Modena Infrastructure.

It is estimated that over a third of South Africa’s water supply is lost due to a lack of effective maintenance and ageing infrastructure. Innovyze is designed to cover the entire water lifecycle, and provides modelling, simulation, operational analytics and asset performance management solutions. This means that civil engineers, water utility companies, plant operators and water experts have access to valuable insights that will help them create and maintain sustainable, cost effective water and waste systems. The following Innovyze products solutions will be available from Modena:

  • InfoDrainage
  • InfoWorks ICM
  • InfoWater Pro
  • InfoWorks WS Pro

About Modena Design Centres

Since 2000, Modena Design Centres has been dedicated to helping our customers work more efficiently. Today, with the help of the Autodesk portfolio of products we are helping our customers around the world change the way they work together by enabling them to not only visualise their designs, but also predict the real-world performance of their ideas before they are created. Whether the workflow involves Building Information Modelling (BIM) in architecture, digital prototyping in manufacturing, integrated project delivery in process, energy and mining or creative pipelines. In media and entertainment, Modena provides its customers with the broadest and deepest technical expertise. Our services together with Autodesk software enables a faster, more efficient and more iterative design process. Our award winning team assists our clients in getting and maintaining their competitive advantage. Visit our website for more information: www.modena.co.za

Image by 后园 卓 from Pixabay