26 July 2022

How to Transform Your Wendy House into a Rad Hangout for Teenagers

Submitted by Josh Maraney
How to Transform Your Wendy House into a Rad Hangout for Teenagers

If you’re raising teenagers, it can be difficult to make your home cool enough for them to want to hang out there. To make matters worse, they’re probably often outside, where they might be exposed to bad weather and other dangers. A great way to solve both problems at once is by transforming your wendy house into a rad hangout that allows your kids to stay dry, warm and inside while also having a great time with their friends. While this may seem like an intimidating project, it’s actually much easier than you think!

Create Options

Most Wendy houses are pretty boring, but with a little creativity, you can turn yours into a rad hangout for your teenager and their friends. One option is to paint the inside and outside of the house in some fun colours or decorate it with cool graffiti. Another option is to build some shelves on one wall that can be used as mini-bookcases or shelves for displaying things like books or craft supplies. You could also put up some framed posters of your favourite bands or movies on the walls for decoration. If there’s an open space in front of the house, build an outdoor rug there so people have a place to sit and relax on hot days when they’re not inside playing games.

Another great option is to decorate your wendy house with carpeting. Rugs are cool, comfortable, and easy on the eyes. They are also pretty affordable, so it’s a smart investment. They can also be easily cleaned which is great if your teen and their friends get food or drinks on them. You don’t want spills to turn into permanent stains on places like carpets or couches that cost hundreds of Rand! The only challenge you might have is finding a rug big enough for your wendy house – bigger rugs are often pricier as well. If you have an artistic teen who loves arts and crafts, they could probably make one themselves by cutting up old clothes or doilies and then sewing them together in whatever pattern they choose.

Maintain Order

The key to maintaining order in your wendy house is designating specific areas for specific activities. For example, you might have a corner for chilling with friends, another area for doing homework and a third space for playing video games or watching TV. By keeping the areas separate, it will be easier to keep the peace and avoid arguments. For example, you could require food and drink to only be consumed in specific areas of your wendy house and enforce quiet time between 10 pm and 8 am every night so everyone gets enough sleep.

Utilize Their Space

As your kids get older, they’ll want more privacy and independence. Turning your wendy house into a chill room for them is the perfect way to give them both. Plus, it’ll be a great place for them to invite their friends over and bond with them. Here are some tips on how to make the most of their space: 

Let them choose the paint colours and décor. This is their space, so let them personalise it however they want. If they want neon pink walls, go for it! They can always change it later if they change their mind.Stock up on snacks and drinks. No hangout is complete without food and drinks!

Have an open mind.

It can be tough to see your childhood playhouse as anything but that—a playhouse. But if you take a step back and look at it with fresh eyes, you might just see the potential for something great. After all, it’s got good bones—it’s sturdy, weatherproof, and most importantly, empty. So why not turn it into the ultimate hangout spot for your teenager and their friends? With a little imagination (and maybe some help from Pinterest), you can turn that Wendy house into a pretty sweet spot. 

Add Some Style

If your wendy house is looking a little bland, it’s time to add some style! A fresh coat of paint can work wonders, and you can even add some wall decals or tapestries to really make the space the teens’ own. Consider adding some cozy furnishings like bean bag chairs or floor cushions, and don’t forget to include some fun décor items like posters or string lights.

Consider installing some fun lighting options such as table lamps or neon artwork. You can also add some small, decorative touches like art pieces or rugs. And of course, you’ll want to throw in some technology to make your new hangout space truly rad—speakers are key! If you have an old sound system lying around gathering dust somewhere in your house, bring it out and turn it into a sweet music player! And, if you need some new furniture, there are plenty of affordable pieces you can get online or at your local home improvement store. After all, even teens want their chill rooms to be stylish!

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